2007 Mazda CX 7 Towing Capacity | Towing Guide

2007 Mazda CX 7 Towing Capacity

Mazda, is no doubt a king in towing trailers and other loads. But do you know 2007 Mazda CX 7 Towing Capacity? If no please continue reading to find out more about your car.

Do not worry every information here have been simplified by our experts to help you get a better understanding as the info is represented in the Owner’s manual. Without much ado, lets see more about you 2007 Mazda CX 7 below

2007 Mazda CX 7 Towing Capacity

The 2007 Mazda CX7’s towing capacity is just 2,000 lbs, which is “less than the 3,500-pound maximum of a compact SUV like Ford’s Escape,” according to MSN. But Cars.com says that “the CX7 is clearly not meant to tow more than a jet ski, so that number is unlikely to concern most shoppers.”

2007 Mazda CX 7 Engine Choices

Engine and transmission — The MZR 2.3L DISI turbo engine was retuned in the North American specification CX7 to deliver torque at a lower rpm.
  • Engine: 2.3 L MZR L3-VDT DISI turbo I4 (gasol, Curb weight: 1,782 kg (3,929 lb)
  • Transmission: 6-speed F21 automatic; 5-speed.
  • Production: February 2006 – August 2012

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