Anti-lock Brake Warning Light Signs & Meaning

Anti-lock Brake Warning Light

This article deals with the information about the anti-lock warning light and all other information related to it. The information will guide you on how to make use of it in order to prevent the danger that can occur from it.

The information that you will be coming across include the meaning of anti-lock brake warning system light and how to fix it. You will also get to know the signs it exhibit and how much it cost to fix it.

What does anti-lock brake warning light

Concerning what the anti-lock brake warning light means is that it is the system that work as the warning light fighting against the stoppage of vehicle at the contact of brake which help the tires to maintain the contact with the road after hiring the brake.

In this case, the brake will actually when when the problem arise but the problem is that the system may fight against the brake when you suddenly hit the brake. So this light help to signal warning so as to alert you to make the correction.

The main purpose of the anti-lock brake warning light is that it help to improve the vehicle in the controlling of brake in heavy conditions. It also help in such condition that the surface is loosing or slick.

This same  system need to be set on your vehicle as it cannot be set by itself which need to make the settings done. And once the settings is done on your vehicle, the light will surely on and if the problem arise, it will signal the warning light.

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Is it safe to drive with anti-lock brake warning light on?

Since the anti-lock brake warning light is the system that actually helping in the stopping of vehicle after some distance away. So it is actually important to fix the light in order to prevent any form of accident that may arise as a form of braking system.

Base on the above description, it can be understood that of the anti-lock braking light signal then driving is not save at that moment. And it means that there is a serious problem in the braking system that needed adjustment.

So driving with such a great warning is not safe because if the braking system is faulty then driving is not safe as it can leads to accident. And it means that it can not handle the system as at that condition so checking and correction need to be done.

So in conclusion, if the anti-lock brake warning light shows its signal then the vehicle need to be stop as it is dangerous to keep driving. The best thing is to stop the vehicle and check it then fix the problem before further movement.

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How do I fix my anti-lock brake warning light?

The anti-lock brake warning light help to signal for the system and serve as help in preventing and maintaining the stability of the braking system at heavy condition. So there is need for you to fix such signal on your vehicle.

Fix the anti-lock brake warning light through the following:

  1. First check the fuse of the anti-lock braking system for any faulty like any other electrical system and make sure that it is well protected but if not, make sure that is done.
  2. You should test the system wheel sensor and by testing you will discover if there is any fault. The wheel speed sensor is used to monitor the wheel rotation which is control by the anti-lock brake warning light system.
  3. You should replace the anti-lock brake system wheel speed as it is very useful for you. This is done by using your basic tools and jack system in your vehicle but most be properly done.
  4. Finally, you check the stator ring as the wheel speed sensor works in conjunction with the speed of rotation of the main wheel.

Make sure that you are observing the vehicle when you start driving after fixing the problem properly. If the anti-lock brake warning light is not well done and you notice any changes then you can stop and make correction.

Symptoms of a Anti-lock brake

This system of anti-lock brake warning exhibit many function and it is a vital part of the vehicle that need proper examination. So if this system start malfunctioning, you will be noticing some signs that will make you know that a problem has occur.

The symptoms about the bad or faulty anti-lock brake warning light include the following:

  1. Illuminated warning light is one of the symptoms that your vehicle will exhibit once the problem and anti-lock brake system arise.
  2. There will be loss of anti-lock brakes in the vehicle as another symptom or sign which occur as a result of failure of the braking system.
  3. Also there can be loss of traction or the stability control because its not only the anti-lock brake system that can be lost but other function including the stability control, traction control, roll stability and hill start assist.

Actually the anti-lock braking system can be found on the most vehicles and the wheel sensors help it the system. As most of the system attributes the normal functioning of the system.

How much does it cost to fix Anti-lock brake?

The anti-lock brake warning light is that problem that exhibit in the vehicle and can arise at any time especially when driving which will loss of brake in the vehicle and there is need to fix the system which attract some expenses.

The average cost for the device of anti-lock brake warning system switch replacement is between $120 and $150. And also the labor costs are estimated around the amount of $120 and $300.

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