How do You Bypass a Blower Motor Resistor

How do you bypass a blower motor resistor How do You Bypass a Blower Motor Resistor

How do you bypass a blower motor resistor? The by-passing of a blower motor resistor can be achieved by using a relay. A relay is an electrical switch that activates when it’s connected to a power source and is used to control circuits. A relay can be used as an alternative to bypassing the resistor. … Read more

How Often to Change Spark Plugs – 4 Signs a Bad Plug

how often to change spark plugs

How often you change spark plugs sometimes depends on vehicular usage. Spark plugs are responsible for creating sparks that’s ignite the air and fuel in the combustion chamber. Spark plugs being a very important part of combustion process in the engine, they are made to be very durable. Plugs are designed to last very between … Read more

Common Symptoms of Bad Timing Chain Tensioner

symptoms of bad timing chain tensioner,timing chain tensioner failure,timing chain noise, timing chain tensioner noise

Illumination of the check engine light is definitely among symptoms of bad timing chain tensioner. Don’t get this confused, generally the check engine light is a warning light that something is not working properly in the engine. So if the timing chain tensioner is bad or failing, check engine light can come up just to … Read more

10 Common Signs of a Blown Head Gasket

signs of a blown head gasket,blown head gasket sound,what causes blown head gasket,what is a blown head gasket,what is a head gasket,diesel head gasket symptoms,problems after head gasket replacement,blown head gasket smoke,oil seeping from head gasket

Signs of a blown head gasket includes white smoke, coolant loss and many others. Head gasket, provides the seal between the engine block and cylinder head. One of the more common causes for a blown head gasket is coolant leaks. Coolant leaks are usually caused by problems with the cooling system, such as clogged radiator … Read more

What Would Cause my ECM to go Bad 3 Important Facts

what would cause my ecm to go bad

Are you still wounding what would cause my ECM to go bad, well there are several things that can cause the engine control module to fail. The engine control module is an electronic component which monitors and collect data from the various sensors to keep track of different part if the vehicle. After collecting the … Read more

Symptoms of Bad Timing Belt -10 Common Signs

symptoms of bad timing belt

Timing belts are made of robber materials, so they get worn-out at some point. Here are common symptoms of bad timing belt that tells you when you need to replace your timing belts. The timing belt serve as a connection between the crankshaft and the camshaft. The primary function of the timing belt is to … Read more

Why is My Car Cranking But Not Starting

ignition switch, Cranking But Not Starting, starter relay, bad timing chain, bad spark plugs,

Are you wondering why your Car Cranking But Not Starting? If your car is cranking but not starting don’t worry it nothing serious you can even fix it yourself. One thing is sure, the electrical components are working just as expected but the cranking continues because there is problem with either the spark plug, air, … Read more