3 Common Clogged Fuel Injector Symptoms & Signs

clogged fuel injector symptoms

Clogged fuel injector symptoms goes beyond just failed emission, rough engine performance and starting issues. A Clogged injector, also causes surging and bucking under various throttle loads.

The injector is an electronic control device charged with the task of delivering gas to the combustion chamber. The injector delivers fuel to the combustion chamber through vales cable of opening and closing many time a second.

Special Nozzles in the fuel injector help spray the fuel as mist instead of a strong jet stream. When the throttle valve opens, your fuel injector sprays fuel to mix with the air and then enters the engine’s combustion cylinders.

Common symptoms of a clogged injector


Since the injector in charge of delivering fuel through nuzzles as fuel mist to the combustion chamber, the engine performance will be greatly affected if it is clogged. When an injector is clogged it will not say “Hi car owner i am clogged fix me”.

The injector starts to show some signs and symptoms that indicates that fuel is not being delivered in the right proportion. When fuel is not being delivered as expected in the combustion chamber then a lot of things can start going wrong. Here are the major signs and symptoms of a faulty, dirty, clogged and leaking injector

  1. Difficulty is starting the engine.
  2. Poor idle.
  3. Failed emissions.
  4. Poor engine Performance.
  5. Engine does not reach full RPM.
  6. Strange increased in fuel consumption.
  7. Rough engine performance.
  8. Surging and bucking under various throttle loads.

If you observe any of the following mentioned signs and symptoms in a car, there is not doubt the injectors are either clogged, dirty or not just working properly. After diagnosing the problem to be the injector, the next course of action should be cleaning.

If you have the right tools, guide and enthusiasm to to do your auto jobs your self, then cleaning a clogged injector is not big task. On the other hand, if you don’t know or have the time for cleaning it then go the nearest auto shop near you.

How to clean a clogged injector at home

Cleaning a clogged in injector is not a very hard task if you have the right tools and guide, you can do it yourself. You can choose to either clean the injector while it is in the car or remove it from the car and clean on the bench.

Which ever method you choose whether bench fuel injector cleaning or on car fuel injector cleaning are both effective. For the sake of this article we will only be looking at bench fuel injector cleaning method.

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Bench Fuel Injector Cleaning

Bench fuel injector cleaning just like the name implies involves the removing the injector from and cleaning it on a surface. The injector can be cleaned either on a bench or just a surface.

The on car fuel injector cleaning is always the first choice of cleaning a clogged injector but you might not have access to some do a full cleaning. This is because the injector might be located in a tight place where you would not be able to reach very well.

The on bench injector cleaning on the other hand makes cleaning the injector a lot more easier. With the on bench injector cleaning you have a full access to the injector and a full cleaning can be done easily.

This will require removal and replacement of the fuel injectors, the same as replacing with new parts, but with an additional cleaning process. A shop would use special tools, but at home can be done with fuel injector cleaner.

  1. Just as with the on-car cleaning, you need to drain the fuel pressure, which you do by running the engine with the fuel pump disconnected or unpowered. After a few minutes, the engine will sputter out and you can remove the fuel rail and fuel injectors.
  2. Removing the fuel injectors will depend entirely on the year, make, and model of the vehicle. One some vehicles, the fuel injectors are readily accessible, while others make it difficult to access.
  3. Once the fuel injectors are removed, each one can be cleaned individually. Use a soft-bristle brush and carburetor cleaner or EFI cleaner to clean the outside of the fuel injectors.
  4. Use a fuel injector jumper to energize the fuel injector to open it up. You might be able to make a simple jumper with a 9 V battery and wires. Then, spray cleaner through the fuel injector from both directions.
  5. After cleaning, reinstall the fuel injectors with new O-rings, reconnect the fuel pump, and start the engine.

Do fuel injector cleaners work?

The simple answer to this question is yes fuel injector cleaners do work and are even effective ways of keeping the injector clean. Injector cleaner is a solvent that passes through the injector or carburetor to loosen and wash away accumulated varnish deposits.

Fuel injector cleaners works very well if used the right way and in right proportion. The fuel injector cleaner is able to remove carbon and other deposits in fuel lines, but in Cookip it is added in low quantities, meaning it can take up to 5 full tanks of fuel before deposits are removed.

Can i drive with a clogged or bad injector

Can you drive with a clogged injector? yes s the answer you can drive with a clogged fuel injector but. Remember that the fuel injector does the work of delivering fuel mist to the combustion chamber through special nuzzles.

When the injector is clogged then it means the injector will not be able to do its work as expected. A clogged injector can over do it normal job or under do the it normal job.

Possible things that would happen when you drive a with a clogged injector includes

  1. Increased fuel consumption
  2. Reduced power
  3. Poor engine Performance
  4. Engine does not reach full RPM
  5. Rough engine performance

These are also the same as a clogged fuel injector symptoms i have motioned before in the beginning of the article. If you have any questions or need more clarity please use the comment box to ask us any question we will be glad to answer.

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