VW DPF Warning Light Reset & Diesel Particulate Filter Meaning

The DPF warning light or diesel particulate filter is the warning that illuminates the signal which helps the driver to know that there is failed passive regeneration. It is the light that signifies the drive the need to regenerate a particular diesel filter actively.

This warning light is very important to you as a driver because it helps in telling you the exact time to regenerate the diesel filter. So it is good to know how to fix this light and do so because of its important features.


What Does DPF Warning Light Mean?


The DPF warning light is a light that is usually located on the dashboard of the car. It warns you when there are problems with your vehicle’s diesel particulate filter.

Some people may confuse the DPF warning light with other warning lights. For instance, it can be mistaken for a low fuel warning light or an engine temperature warning light. However, these are not the same thing at all and have different meanings.


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So when the Volkswagen DPF warning light illuminates, it is telling you that the passive regeneration diesel has failed. And when such a thing happens, there is a need for you to actively regenerate the diesel filter back to normal.

With the above information, you now know what the warning light is all about and the benefit of having it on your vehicle. You will also get to know how you can fix it on your vehicle when the needs arise.


Symptoms of DPF Malfunctioning?


The symptoms of DPF malfunctioning may vary from car to car. The most common symptom is a lack of power or a noticeable decrease in acceleration.

DPF stands for the Diesel Particulate Filter, and it works as a filter that catches soot from the exhaust as it exits the engine. In many cases, the DPF will clog up and become ineffective after about 20,000 miles or so if it isn’t cleaned or replaced.


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In order to diagnose if your DPF system is faulty, you need to check for a lack of power and acceleration. As your vehicle ages and accumulates more mileage on it, this issue can become more prevalent because of wear on the engine.


How Does a Diesel Particulate Filter Work?


A diesel particulate filter is an after-treatment device that captures particulate matter, or soot, from the exhaust of a diesel engine. The filter is usually composed of a thin sheet of cleanable fabric with pockets containing diesel soot absorbent pads.

These pockets are typically arranged in stacks. It traps the soot particles in the air stream to prevent them from being released into the atmosphere.

The filters are usually located downstream of the turbocharger to ensure that they are heated by the incoming air before they leave the engine compartment. Diesel particulate filters work best at high engine speeds and loads because this maximizes airflow through the filter media and helps keep it clean.


Is it Safe to Drive With DPF Warning Light on?


In case you are wondering if the DPF warning light is on and you are driving on the road but you don’t know if it is safe to continue driving. The information here will guide concerning the safety of driving with the light.

In response to the question, technically yes you can still go on with driving whenever the warning light is on. But it is still not advisable to keep driving because ignoring warning light can leads to something else.

In that case, the problem it may arise is that the build-up of the soot at some level may reach a point of limp home mode in your vehicle. This important reason will help to prevent any damage to the engine.

So actually you can still drive on with care whenever such happen especially when you need to get to an urgent place. But it should not be taken as a habit, so due to the importance of the light, it is necessary to fix it on your vehicle.


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How to Fix Diesel Particulate Filter Warning lights?


Here, you will get to know how you can fix the diesel particulate filter warning light if you actually need it because of how important it is to your vehicle. So you don’t need to worry as you will get it here and make use of it.

So if you get the warning light signifying a blocked filter, you can possibly completely and actively regenerate the diesel filter cycle. You can also possibly clear the warning light by driving for about ten minutes at 40mph speeds.

In that case, you can still do the following procedure in order to fix the warning light and solve the problem. The procedure goes thus;

  • First, warm up your engine in such a way to operate temperature change.
  • You should drive the car for about fifteen minutes at a constant speed on the road.
  • Your aim is to keep the revs above the 2000rpm as at that period.
  • By now the heat generator will serve as a help to clean the DPF filter.
  • So the car generation cycle is the there that will usually kick in the inch under such circumstances and it will be done.

With the above information, you can now try to fix this VW DPF warning light on your particular vehicle because of its benefit. Getting it done on your vehicle will prevent any kind of problem-related to it.


How do I know if my DPF warning light is on


Actually, the warning light is very important to you as a driver because it helps in telling you the exact time to regenerate the diesel filter. So it is good to know the symptoms of this light when faulty because of its important features.

Concerning the signs and symptoms your vehicle exhibit whenever there is bad or faulty DPF warning light. The most common reason why this warning light always appears is when the diesel particulate filter is blocked.

The symptoms are summed up as follows:

  1. There is a failed exhaust gas valve in the vehicle.
  2. There is a problem with the exhaust and or injection system of the vehicle.
  3. Also, there is the presence of faulty glow plugs.
  4. There is in turn affects the diesel particulate filter and it cause DPF warning light to actually illuminate.

The above symptoms should be noted by you whenever you see the signal light, then you should know what is happening in your vehicle. And with the above information, you should know what to do next.


How much does it cost to fix DPF warning light?


As described earlier, the Volkswagen diesel particulate filter warning light is the warning that illuminates the signal which helps the driver to know that there is failed passive regeneration. It is the light that signifies the drive the need to regenerate a particular diesel filter actively.

Some garages of the vehicle may actually block the VW DPF which is the process that is called forced regeneration. This usually costs around the worth of $110 but even though it is not a hundred percent guarantee in fixing.




DPF warning lights are used in all modern diesel engines. DPF stands for Diesel Particulate Filter.

This is a filter made up of adsorptive materials, which cleans the emissions from diesel fuel. The DPF Warning Light is typically found on the dashboard of cars, trucks and other vehicles powered by diesel engines.

It can be either red or yellow. When yellow it indicates that the DPF needs to be cleaned which will reduce the amount of black smoke coming out of your exhaust pipe. Red means that there is a serious problem with the filter and you should get your vehicle repaired as soon as possible.

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