Toyota RAV4 all Warning Lights On Dashboard & Meaning

Toyota rav4 all warning lights on

In this article, you will learn how to fix the Toyota rav4 all warning lights on. It is normal for some of the dashboard lights to come up whenever you start the car.

If all your Toyota rav4 warning lights are on, it is a problem that most likely to be localized to an electrical problem. This could be related to a burnt fuse, partial connection, or even a low voltage issue caused by the alternator.

Enough of all the talks and let us get to know the Toyota rav4 all warning lights and their meaning. Technology advances the automobile world to experience advancements too.


What are the warning lights on a Toyota RAV4?


The Toyota RAV4 is equipped with many more warning lights than the old Toyota corolla dash light. The warning lights are not the problems themselves but the problem that causes these lights to come up.

All these lights are in place to serve as indications of malfunctions in various parts of the car. Problems indicated can be ranging from failing spark plugs to low tire pressure.

The following is a list of warning lights that are most likely to be seen on a Toyota Rav4:

  1. Check Engine Light: This light comes on when there is an engine malfunction and needs to be serviced.
  2. ABS Light: This light comes on when the anti-lock braking system needs service or attention.
  3. Brake Warning Light: This light comes on when one or more of the brakes have overheated and need to cool off before driving again.
  4. Low Fuel Light: The low fuel warning light turns on when the fuel tank is low on fuel and needs to be refueled.
  5. Airbag Light: The airbag light will come on when the car has been in an accident that triggered the airbags. This light needs service only if it comes on continuously without a brake warning light turning on.
  6. Parking Brake System Warning: This warning comes on when the parking brake is engaged and the vehicle is not in park.
  7. Brake Warning: This warning comes on when the brakes are not being applied properly.
  8. Engine Oil Pressure Warning: It needs servicing when this light comes on for an extended period of time (usually a sign that there is an engine problem).
  9. Low Tire Pressure Light: The low tire pressure warning light works in tandem with the low fuel warning light and comes on when there is a low tire.

All the mentioned above lights are the most common but are not all. Below is a list of all the Toyota RAV4 warning signs and what they mean.

  1. ABS warning light (U.S.A.)
  2. AIR BAG ON/OFF indicator
  3. Automatic High Beam indicator (green)
  4. Brake Hold operated indicator (warning buzzer)
  5. Brake Hold standby indicator
  6. Brake Override System/Drive-Start Control/PKSB (if equipped) warning light* (warning buzzer)
  7. Brake system warning light (warning buzzer) (Canada)
  8. BSM indicator
  9. BSM outside rear view mirror indicator
  10. Charging system warning light
  11. Cruise control indicator (green)
  12. Cruise control set indicator
  13. Downhill Assist Control system indicator (if equipped)
  14. Driver’s and front passenger’s seat belt reminder light (warning buzzer)
  15. Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC) indicator
  16. Eco Drive Mode indicator
  17. Eco Driving Indicator light
  18. Electric Power Steering (EPS) system warning light (warning buzzer)
  19. Engine (ignition) switch (vehicles with Smart Key System)
  20. Fog light indicator*
  21. Headlight high beam indicator
  22. Headlight switch (USA)
  23. High coolant temperature warning light
  24. Intuitive Parking Assist OFF indicator
  25. Low engine oil pressure warning light
  26. Low fuel level warning light
  27. Low outside temperature indicator
  28. LTA Indicator (orange)
  29. Malfunction indicator lamp (U.S.A.)
  30. Mud & Sand mode indicator (if equipped)
  31. Parking brake indicator (U.S.A)
  32. PCS warning light
  33. PCS warning light (flashes or illuminates)
  34. Rear passengers’ seat belt reminder light (warning buzzer)
  35. Rock & Dirt mode indicator (if equipped)
  36. Security indicator
  37. Slip indicator
  38. Slip indicator warning light
  39. Snow mode indicator (if equipped)
  40. Sport Mode indicator
  41. SRS warning light
  42. Stop & Start to cancel indicator (flashes if equipped)
  43. Stop & Start indicator (if equipped)
  44. Tire Pressure warning light
  45. Turn signal indicator.
  46. VSC OFF indicator.


How do I turn on my RAV4 lights?


With the headlights on, push the lever away from you to turn on the high beams. Pull the lever toward you to the center position to turn the high beams off.

Pull the lever toward you and release it to flash the high beams once. You can flash the high beams with the headlights on or off.


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What Causes Multiple Warning Lights to Come On?


There are many reasons that can cause a vehicle to have multiple warning lights come on. The most common reason is a loose gas cap, which is the most common reason for this type of warning light. If the gas cap is not tightened, it will cause the engine to run rich, which will affect the fuel efficiency and performance.

How Do You Reset the Dash Lights on a Toyota Rav4?


To reset the Toyota Rav4 check engine, and turn off the vehicle for about 30 seconds. In order to reset the lights, turn off the car and let it sit for 30 seconds.

Then, start the vehicle and wait for at least fifteen minutes. The lights should then be reset and come back on when you open the door.

Resetting the dash lights is necessary if you are experiencing any of the following issues:

  • The “check engine” light is on and your car is not idling properly.

  • The “headlights” or “tail lights” warning light is on and your headlights or taillights are not operating properly.

  • The “brake system” warning light is on and you are experiencing a loss of braking power.

  • Your power steering warning light has come on as well.

What is the hold button on 2020 RAV4?


The purpose of the hold button in a 2019 Toyota rav4 is known as an automatic stop or hold. when the hold is enabled and you’ve come to a complete stop, the car will remain in the stopped position even if you let go of the brake pedal.

Does the 2020 RAV4 have automatic headlights?
Visibility. The 2020 Toyota RAV4 is equipped with multi-LED headlights with black bezels and Automatic High Beams (AHB) to give you more visibility on the road.

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