How to Program a Key Fob for Hyundai

how to program a key fob for Hyundai

Know how to program a key fob for Hyundai will be and added advantage to you if you own Hyundai car. Hyundai has also adapted the modern and ever growing keyless entry security and auto comfort.

Most modern Hyundai vehicle requires reprogramming of they key fob every time you change the key fob’s battery. Normally, this will require you to go your dealership for help which will cost you some money.

Have your thought of programming or reprograming your Hyundai key fob all by yourself? Yes you can do that. In this article you will learn how to program Hyundai proximity key even if you do not have the original.

How to Open a Hyundai Key Fob

First up, you’ll have to know how to open the Hyundai key fob using the guide. Follow the guide below to get started on how to open Hyundai key fob

For 2018 Hyundai models up to date follow this process to remove the metal key

  • press and holding the metal tab or button
  • Hold it for about 10 seconds
  • Then insert the key inside the small opening through the back cover
  • Now twist the key in either directions and the fob will open

That is all for new models of Hyundai and how to open there key fob. As for the older version, use a coin or a flat blade screwdriver to pop open the key fob from the small notch or indent along the outside.

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How to reprogram Hyundai Proximity key

This method is simple and works very effectively if you have just replaced the battery of your key fob. Remember, Hyundai key fobs that where originally programmed by dealers must be reprogrammed after each vehicle or FOB battery replacement.

Follow the simple steps below to get started with reprogramming your proximity keys

  • Open the car and seat on the drivers side.
  • Lock all the doors behind you.
  • Put the key inside the ignition switch.
  • Turn the key to “ACC” position in the ignition.
  • All you vehicle electronic accessories should come on.
  • Press and hold the “Open” or “Unlock” button on the keyless entry FOB
  • Keep holding for about 20 seconds until vehicle light flashes

Congrats, you have successfully reprogrammed your Hyundai keyless entry fob. Now you should be able to use the key at all times lock and unlock your vehicle. Now lets see how to program a new key Hyundai proximity of you lost the original one.

Hyundai key fob battery replacement instruction

If you Hyundai smart key battery is dead the proximity intelligence would probably not work fine. In this case you will have to replace the battery, To get this done follow the guide below to get started

You can now follow these steps:

  • Carefully lift the circuit board to expose the battery.
  • Most Hyundai models use a CR2032 battery.
  • Check the battery type and buy a replacement.
  • Insert the new Hyundai key fob battery replacement.
  • Make sure connections are contacted by the new battery.
  • The close the key fob casing.

Yes replacing Your Hyundai proximity key battery is as simple as that. If you needed to remove the metal key for a newer model, replace it when your key fob is back together.

Can you program a key fob without the original key?

Can you program a key fob without the original key? A direct answer to that is yes you can. However, you must have the knowledge of how to go about it.

Fortunately this article addresses all your need to know about Hyundai proximity key and how to program one. This article will save you the stress and expenses the dealership will require of you.

In fact you would not need to visit a professional lock smith even as this article will guide your through simple steps to archive it. This method works even when you don’t have the original key and is much more than any dealership when programming is needed.

How much does it cost to program a key fob?

The cost of replacing a key fob remote can range from $50 to over $100 depending on the automaker and complexity of the design. All key fobs need to be programmed. Some dealerships will do it for free, while others will charge a half-hour to an hour of labor.

Does AutoZone program key fobs?

Yes, AutoZone Program Car Remotes or Key Fobs? Well yes and no. AutoZone and many of the other big box auto parts retailers do have car remotes and key fobs to sell. They come with instructions to self-program those remotes in.

This article is full guide on how to program Hyundai key fob also called proximity key, smart key, intelligence key and push to start in other car manufactures. If you still have any question pleas ask us using the comment section.

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