How to See Mileage on Tesla

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The mileage is an essential tool to determine a vehicle’s condition and the possible number of repairs it has gone through over the year. The odometer is the tool that is responsible for measuring and keeping track of the mileage.

Even though Teslas are electric vehicles, knowing checking the mileage before buying a used one is a good idea. Now the big question is, how do you check the mileage on Tesla?


How to See Mileage on Tesla


The mileage on Tesla cars can be seen either using the Tesla App or using the infotainment screen. To see the mileage using the Tesla app, open the app, scroll to the bottom, and you will see the total distance you have traveled so far.

Another way to check the mileage of a Tesla Model 3, tap on the car icon on the infotainment screen in the bottom left corner, and tap on trips, this will bring up the current trip since the last charge distance. The mileage is an instrument used for measuring the distance traveled by a vehicle Tesla odometer which displays beneath the steering wheel of the vehicle.



Is also an allowance for travel expenses at a certain rate per mile, especially in a given period of time such as the total miles traveled or service or express in terms of miles travel. For example, the total amount of distance a car is driven in a monthly rate per mile of a certain volume of fuel consumed by a vehicle on a given quantity of fuel.


How to Check the Mileage on Tesla App


Being a disruptor the Tesla company has made name for itself in a conservative industry because of its uniqueness in having the biggest selling points. To find the mileage on your Tesla app is to simply press and hold the scroll wheel on either side of the steering wheel then scroll through to your desired display on both sides.



You can watch a minute or less video on how to check your mileage on the Tesla app, all you need to swipe down the odometer will be at the bottom. The easiest way to find the mileage is via your mobile phone ensuring to launch the app, go to the bottom to find the total mileage of your model S, and by doing this, you’re able to find the mileage of your vehicle.


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Where is Tesla Odometer Located


Tesla odometer is located on the main screen of the Tesla itself with different icons displaying from both sides but the swiping left would lead you to the odometer. The Tesla phone app would display the current location of the owner and the readings as well and each of the odometers can be cleared and named or renamed as the case may be.


How to See Mileage on Tesla, how to see mileage on tesla model s, how to check mileage on tesla model y, tesla odometer history, 2021 tesla y odometer


It can be so unimaginable how most Tesla drivers out there boast about the distance they can cover for a trip not minding the anxiety that it may circulate. The odometer basically displays on the main screen which shows information about the trip to be covered to locate it simply touch the control button and the software will open.


Does Tesla Have a Trip Odometer?


It has a trip odometer because it displays information on the distance, duration, and average energy covered in the course of any journey. It provides the necessary or best odometer alongside other trip odometers and it is very accessible in the trip section of the main configuration screen and very expensive.

Model cars have an odometer to keep track of their car in terms of length of distance covered in a journey or other far distant places. Not to forget, not all model cars show information about the car on the dashboard but all cars keep track of all miles covered, and to make it easier use voice command especially driving.



Where is the Odometer Located in a Car?


The location of the odometer is the easiest or simplest of it all as it is boldly in the front of the owner’s car displaying how fast or slow the car moves. It is simply located beneath the steering of the car displaying how the speed of the car goes either high, low, or moderate, it is circular like that of a clock with an indicator.

The odometer itself is just the half part of a circle showing different speed rates boldly on the screen, and how it works either fast or slow. It’s very essential because it is the best when it comes to the durability of the driver’s speed while driving because it can define when and why you should slow down while driving speedily.


How Do You Read a Tesla Consumption Chart?


The energy app is simply the possible and best way to check or monitor how your Tesla is drained on your EV touchscreen as you drive. The energy app analyses your EV’s driving patterns and uses the data gotten or generated from there to help project a personalized range estimate.


How to See Mileage on Tesla, how to see mileage on tesla model s, how to check mileage on tesla model y, tesla odometer history, 2021 tesla y odometer


After this exercise is done you get to clearly see how the chart reads, from the battery remaining down to how it’s been used either on a high level or low. It’s very important to know and keep track of how the battery level is and from there you can easily find or identify the fault and know how to treat it on time before it gets worse in the future.


How Do You Reset a Tesla Trip Odometer?


Resetting a Tesla trip odometer will clear all the previously traveled distance and start counting afresh. Different people chose whether or not to reset for different reasons, for me sometimes I do this to be able to track the exact distance between two reference points I travel.

To reset the Tesla Odometer, open the tesla app, scroll to the button of the app where you will “Odometer”, click it then click reset. This will automatically clean all the records of the mile you have and start afresh, you can also choose to rename the new distance hence.

Another is to use the large infotainment screen, to do this, tap the car icon on the screen, click trips, and scroll down until you see the list of the total trip and the last trip since the last recharge cycle, now click reset an that is it. The current trip can display the distance total average energy usage and duration to be covered and to rename such a trip all you need is to touch the screen name and rename it.




The entire scenario here is focused basically on the odometer and how to understand your mileage steadily and accurately either with your phone or on the screen respectively. Keeping track of your vehicle properly at the right time makes it work properly without faults and understanding its principles of it makes it work better.

Most people are liable to misinterpret the format of operating the Tesla either on the phone or dashboard so all you need to do is to watch the short video for a tutorial. Many buyers inconclusively think it’s a hard technology to operate and wouldn’t want to use it but the easiest way to use it sometimes is to follow the tutorial online.

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