Muffler Fell Off Can i Still Drive 3 Consequences

Muffler fell off can i still drive: The muffler of a vehicle happens to be a very essential component of its operational system. It has 3 important purposes to perform: reduce the exhaust from the engine, reduce the level of noise from the vehicle, and keep away poisonous gases from the engine.

Most mufflers are oblong shaped, and consist of dual pipes, the output pipe, and the input pipe. In case the muffler falls off of your car, there can be problems for other drivers and even for your own safety, and can even result in hefty fines and legal penalties.

Continue reading to find out more Automobile simple repair and DIY care tips on Cookip that will help you save money and keep your car in good shape. Common things you could do when car’s muffler fell off and you are wondering if you can still drive. If your car’s muffler falls off while driving, it not a wise decision to continue driving.

Common signs of a bad muffler is exhaust

  • Leaking exhaust manifold
  • Engine misfiring
  • Rust caused by condensation
  • Burning smell coming from the engine bay

All this are signs and symptoms of a bad muffler you should constantly look out for to engine smoot and safe ride. What your muffler falls off when driving, here are a number of things you can do when you muffler falls off.

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muffler fell off can i still drive – 3 things you can do

The best thing to do when the you notice your car muffler falls is find the nearest technician shop to fix it. Three things can be done when this happen is either a muffler replacement, muffler modification or muffler maintenance.

Do not keep driving when you notice that your exhaust muffler us missing. If the muffler has fallen off your car, it’s a good idea to take it to an auto repair shop and opt for any of the following repair services:

  • Muffler Replacement

Muffler replacement might be the next option if your exhaust muffler falls off along the road and you couldn’t trace it. If you notice the exhaust muffler falling of in time, slow down and park by the road side and allow it to cool off before touching.

You can actually push the muffler back into the exhaust chamber and continue driving to ge to the nearest auto repair shop near you. But if it has totally been pushed out of the exhaust chamber then you will have to park and call the authorities for help.

If it falls off on a busy road or highway, it is better to call authorities to remove safety for you. Although the muffler can cool off quickly, it can still be very hot for the first several minutes. Next, you must go to the nearest auto repair center, and get a replacement for your muffler system.

  • Muffler Modification

Muffler modification is another choice you should look into if the muffler in your car is not working properly. The primary function of the muffler in the car exhaust system to reduce the engine sound.

The muffler does this by directing the sound waves via the chambers and internal tubes. Muffler is what makes the difference between a new car and a old car.

The muffler in old car exhaust tend to have warn out so it will lose it efficiency to filter sound correctly. Brand new cars sound very very silent, this is as result of the muffler being new and very functional.

If the system is still intact but you are having problems with its current operational system, then you can look into muffler modification options. This can be done quite easily at a muffler repair center or shop.

If your vehicle is producing too much noise, and is inviting unseemly stares from other drivers, you can get it checked out at a muffler auto repair center to get it back to its normal working level.

Muffler Maintenance Cost

If you get your muffler back from the road and it is still operational, then it is a good idea to get it checked out by experts. This is especially true if you have noticed a higher noise output from the muffler, and more toxic fumes being produced from the pipes.

In the absence of checking for issues, there might be an expensive repair or towing fee waiting for you down the road. With professional auto repairmen, you can get this issue fixed.

The problem might be with the muffler system itself, or with the gaskets or another sort of component in the emission system. Other than reducing noise output and preventing toxic gas release, maintenance will also help to prolong the lifespan of your muffler, and vehicle in general. A well-repaired muffler will clean the toxic gases prior to their release.

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