reset maintenance light on Toyota Camry 

How to Reset Maintenance Light on Toyota Camry

The need to reset maintenance light on Toyota Camry at some point if you feel uncomfortable with the light on each time you are driving. Maintenance light is not a cause for alarm as it does not significantly indicate any form of harm.

This light depends souly depends on the number of miles your have traveled since the last oil change was observed. It is simply a mileage counter that alerts drivers that they have gone approximately 5,000 miles since their Toyota maintenance required light was reset last, usually at the dealership after an oil change.

However, there are times when the light would come up as and indication of the maintenance or servicing needed. This light can indicate tire rotation or a bulb when it’s out.

Steps to reset maintenance light on Toyota Camry

So the baseline is that, maintenance light is more of an alarm light than a warning light. Enough of all the talking, lets see really how to reset maintenance light on Toyota Camry.

Follow these steps to manually reset your Toyota MAINT REQD light:

  • Park your car on a plan surface.
  • Turn the ignition to “off” and remove the kay.
  • Make sure your odometer is set to display total miles.
  • Press and hold the same button you use to change your odometer reading.
  • While holding the button, turn your key slightly so your vehicle is on and the dashboard lights display but you do not start your engine.
  • The odometer should start blinking before displaying all zeros.

After your odometer displays all zeros, you can release the odometer button and turn your key to the off position. The next time you start your Toyota the MAINT REQD light should be gone.

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How do I reset dashboard after oil change in Toyota Camry?

The dashboard light that appears after changing oil is the maintenance light it. When this light comes on it means the oil is due for change or your car is due maintenance.

Whatever the case might be, it is not some really serious that you should be extremely worried about. In fact maintenance is come on as a measure of the total distance traveled in regards to the millage.

You can easily reset this light anytime you see it come up. To reset maintenance light on Toyota Camry insert the key into the ignition and turn it to the “on” position without starting the engine. Depress the gas pedal slowly three successive times within 10 seconds.
At this point, the system should have reset. You can verify by turning the ignition off and then on again.

Why is my change oil light still on?

Your oil change light could come on also as a result of some malfunction of the oil pump but this happens in very rear cases. Normally, after each oil change and the light is been reset the maintenance required light should go off but it not then you might want to check some things.

The sensor should be the first thing to check, this is to rule out a malfunctioning sensor as the cause. The oil pump may not be circulating enough oil to keep the engine’s parts lubricated and functioning properly, which can in turn cause multiple engine issues.

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