4 Common Signs & Symptoms of Bad fuel Pump

symptoms of bad fuel pump

Decreased fuel efficiency is one among the most prominent symptoms of bad fuel pump. When the fuel pump is bad, the engine start starts to show some abnormal signs.

The fuel pump is a device in the fuel line designed to take fuel from the fuel tank to the carburetor. Fuel pumps are mostly located inside the fuel tank or somewhere beside the fuel tank.

The function of the fuel pump is crucial that no component in the car can do it work. Fuel pump takes the exact amount of fuel needed by the engine from the tank to the carburetor.

The fuel pump is connected through electrical means to the car’s computer system to monitor fuel supply. If the fuel get blocked, clogged or stops working for any reason, the engine might not even start.

Common Symptoms of a Bad Fuel Pump

Even though fuel pumps are designed to withstand almost any kind of condition, they still fail and even stop working at some point. The fuel pump does not just stop working once overnight, they show some signs.

If you are a good observant then you should take note of any of the signs of a bad fuel pump below. Below are some symptoms to look out for

  • Car Won’t Start

There are a host of issues that could prevent a car from starting, but a lack of fuel is one of the first things to check. If the fuel pump can’t send fuel to the engine, it won’t start.

  • Sputtering

If the vehicle starts but runs rough and possibly dies, the engine might not be getting enough fuel.

  • Car Dies Under Heavy Load

If you test your vehicle’s limits, whether that be hard-driving or hauling extra weight and the power cuts off, it might be a symptom that the fuel pump cannot keep up with the driver’s demands.

  • Inconsistent and Unintended Acceleration

If the amount of fuel isn’t properly regulated by the fuel pump, a car could accelerate without input due to an overage of fuel.

  • Decreased Fuel Efficiency

If you notice your vehicle is suddenly gulping more gas than usual, the fuel pump could be damaged and send the incorrect amount of fuel.

  • Increased Engine Temperature

Should the fuel pump fail to provide the proper amount of gas to the engine, the engine could be overstressed, which could cause an irregular rise in temperature.

If you notice any of these symptoms, the fuel pump is at risk, you might want to contact a professional for further check-up. You can choose not if you can do a full diagnosis at home and replace it if necessary.


How long can you drive with a bad fuel pump?

That is a very good question “how long can drive with a bad fuel pump” let me just say not much. The fuel pump is not just some random device, the fuel pump takes fuel that helps the engine run to the carburetor.

Let me just be straight up with you here, yo cannot drive with a fuel pump that is already bad. Well if the fuel pump is just giving small issues probably just blocked at a little you can drive for some time.

On the other hand, am sure the last thing you would ever want is disappointment on your way to work. Yes, fuel pump is the right device that can make that happen, you can just get stocked in the middle of nowhere if you have a bad fuel pump.

Because of the important role they play, fuel pumps are meant to be tough and withstand almost the entire life of your car. Fuel pumps have even been known to last more than 200,000 miles.

Will check engine light come on if fuel pump is bad?

Check engine light on the dashboard can come up for many reasons including a loose radiator cap, leaking exhaust and even bad fuel pump. The fuel pump is equipped with a fuel sensor that is connected to the car’s computer system to give information about the working condition of the fuel pump.

If the fuel sensor in the fuel pump senses any form of malfunction then it will indicate this through the check engine light on the dashboard. The check engine light is part of the vehicle’s onboard diagnostics (OBD) system.

How do you check fuel pump?

If you are the type that really love to do your auto jobs by yourself then this is for you. You can choose to check the fuel pump yourself for any malfunctions before taking to a professional if there be any need.

If you ever experience any of the symptom of a bad fuel pump in your car then you might want to check and replace. Follow the steps below to check and replace the fuel pump if there be need

  • Jack up the car
  • Go right under the fuel tank
  • Have someone assist you with turning on the ignition
  • While you are still under listen under the tank for noise
  • If the fuel pump is bad you will hear and audible noise

If you notice the fuel pump is bad as a result of the noise you have heard when turning on the ignition, i have a solution that could work. Whack the fuel tank: Have an assistant crank the engine while you hit the fuel tank with a rubber mallet.

If you still have had questions about the symptoms of a bad fuel pump please ask use using the comment section.

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