catalytic converter, Symptoms of Exhaust Leak in Car You Should Lookout For

Symptoms of Exhaust Leak in Car You Should Lookout For

Symptoms of exhaust leak in car includes unusual noise when accelerating and check engine light. Exhaust leak is a minor problem but if not taken cared of as quick as possible then it can lead to premium problems.

Continue reading to find out more Automobile simple repair and DIY care tips on Cookip that will help you save money and keep your car in good shape. The exhaust is an exit way for the the engine to to release burnt waste gas. Just like in humans the exhaust the path through which the engine excretes waste.

If the exhaust is not full length and stops under the vehicle the fumes and CO in the exhaust will kill you if you had the windows. Possible if the gas exited through the exhaust gas does not kill you then you may get a ticket for noise.

Whichever way the two mentioned problems are not what you will like to experience i guess. Lookout for the symptoms of exhaust leak in your car to avoid any possible problems.

What problems can an exhaust leak cause?

Exhaust leak might seem like minor problem at first but can be life threatening at some stage. The most common problem you will experience at first is noise and that would then lead to noise ticket.

Exhaust fumes contains carbon monoxide which is very harm to human health if inhaled too much. Further more, exhaust leak can lead to severe engine damages that would cause you a lot of money.

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The exhaust proceeds from the button on the engine to the tail end of the car or somewhere towards the side where the gas would be exited without disturbing the car occupant. If the exhaust is not full length and stops under the vehicle the fumes and CO in the exhaust, an odorless and lethal gas will kill you if you had the windows close and your cabin filled up with CO.

  • Unusual and very Loud rumbling Engine noise

The first the most prominent symptoms of exhaust leak is the unusual loudness of the engine sound. If there is any form of exhaust leak the engine begins to make very sound than it does normally.

Car exhaust is designed to minify the amount of noise produced by the engine. When there is leak in the exhaust pipe then the opposite happens.

The leak the exhaust pipe or chamber will lead to lead to a very noticeable noise from the vehicle. The loud noise produced as a result of the leak, become even louder when the car is started when its could or on rapid acceleration.

This unusual loudness is most time the first experienced among other symptoms of exhaust leak in your car. If your car is leaking then you will notice this sound first time in the morning when starting your vehicle.

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  • Unusual Gas Pedal Vibrations

Unusual vibration of the gas pedal is another sign of exhaust leak but most people do not notice this. It takes and experience person or a very careful observant to notice the gas pedal vibration.

Most people count it as normal for the gas pedal to vibrate since the engine is running but it is all wrong. The sensation is caused by exhaust fume rapidly existing the system through a small hole, causing reverberations.

Not only does an exhaust leak cause the gas pedal vibration, but even the steering wheel does vibrate. If the steering wheel start vibrating then you should know that the leak in the exhaust is even a bad leak that needs attention fast.

If the leak is much the force at the exhaust fume rapidly existing the system through a small hole could lead to other bigger problems. This could cause the whole car itself to shake as a result of much vibration.

  • Increased Fuel consumption

Apart from the fact that the exhaust reduces the sound of the engine, it is equip with sensors that allow it to respond to oxygen intake. When there is leak in the exhaust there could be possible high oxygen intake.

When the oxygen sensors in the exhaust senses much oxygen, it will cause the engine to consume more fuel to burn the oxygen. This exhaust leak causes the engine to require more oxygen to burn more fuel.

  • Check Engine Light

The check engine light is a sign of an exhaust leak, but it can also represent many other problems. Anytime the check engine light comes on it is important to get it checked out to find out what is going on.

Many times the issue will start small and grow into something worse, such as a bad oxygen sensor causing a failed catalytic converter.

  • Hanging Exhaust Pipe

If your exhaust pipe is hanging or dragging on the ground, you should have it fixed immediately. If any part of the pipe breaks, even a part that does not cause a leak, it can begin to hang under the vehicle. The dragging is not only a danger to you, but if it falls off of the vehicle it becomes a danger to the drivers around you.

  • Gas Smell

If you start to smell gas inside your car when you’re driving, this may be a sign of exhaust problems. It is usually caused when one of the exhaust pipes or tubes gets damaged and starts to leak. When that happens, the fumes from the gasoline escape through any place they can. Sometimes, that place is in the cabin of your car.

These are just a few ways to tell if your car is having exhaust problems. If you are at all concerned or you notice any of these symptoms in your vehicle, you should bring it to the dealer for a checkup or replacement.

Is it OK to drive a car with an exhaust leak?

No its not okay to drive a car with exhaust leak, actions to keep it in check should be taken as quick as possible. A leaking exhaust can cause damages to your engine and can even lead to death.

When the muffler is damaged or has a hole in it, this causes the pre-muffled exhaust to leak, increasing the sound that comes out of the exhaust system. Although it is possible that exhaust leaks can occur before the muffler, in most cases, loud exhaust is caused by a leak in the muffler itself.

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