2008 Escape Towing Capacity

If you are looking to know the 2008 Escape Towing Capacity of your 2008 Escape, you just got lucky because you are on the right page. If you are about to pull a trailer, camper, RV or even a boat this information is just for you as it will serve as a towing guide to you so as not to ruin your vehicle by towing more than it should.

Towing capacity itself is simply the Towing capacity is the maximum amount of weight your vehicle can tow when pulling a trailer. Vehicle towing capacity or ability varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and between models and trims.

2008 Escape Towing Capacity

We have published full details about all major vehicle manufactures from 1990 till date, so we have covered most cars. However, if by chance we have omitted your vehicle make or model, please contact us either through the comments section or via email or phone call.

Limited V6 ZC Automatic 750kg 1600kg
XLS ZC Automatic 750kg 1000kg
XLT Sport V6 ZC Automatic 750kg 1600kg
XLT ZC Automatic 750kg 1000kg
ZD Automatic 750kg 1000kg

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2008 Escape Towing Features

Maximum cargo capacity 66.3 cu.ft.
Maximum towing capacity 3500 lbs.
Rear track 60.4 in.
Wheel base 103.1 in.

2008 Escape Engine Options

XLS ZC Automatic 199nm @ 4000rpm 109kw @ 6000rpm
XLT ZC Automatic 199nm @ 4000rpm 109kw @ 6000rpm
ZD Automatic 199nm @ 4000rpm 109kw @ 6000rpm
Limited V6 ZC Automatic 276nm @ 4750rpm 152kw @ 6000rpm
XLT Sport V6 ZC Automatic 276nm @ 4750rpm 152kw @ 6000rpm

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