Not for the faint of heart: do you dare to watch these filthy horror films?

Does not only scary, but specifically bloody horror films make your heart beat faster? Then you will be served by the streaming services, which have the filthiest movies on offer for you. Watch at your own risk.


Viewers who are weak of heart, prone to dizziness or have a sensitive stomach are advised to exercise extreme caution.

If you have a weak stomach, the so-called gore or splatter genre may not be the match for you. In this subcategory of horror films, the emphasis is on intense violence and bloodshed, with everything depicted explicitly graphically. This is not just a shock, as in films with many jump scares, but above all disgust and gagging. Because well, those raunchy images are not for the faint of heart. So be warned before you watch the following films.


Fancy an evening of chilling torture? Then you’re in the right place with the three films in the Hostel series. In the films, the victims fall prey to sadists during an initially fun getaway. Blood, vomit, an eye being cut off: leave out the box of popcorn. You watch the Hostel trilogy at Videoland.

Evil Dead (Rise)

It is not without reason that the Evil Dead series already has five films. Viewers revel in the way, spoiler alert, demons tear people to pieces. The most recent, Evil Dead Rise, can be seen on HBO Max and Prime Video.

The Hills Have Eyes

The original 1977 film by director Wes Craven was not a good one, but the 2006 reboot is also good in terms of gore. In The Hills Have Eyes, viewers follow a family that ends up in a complete nightmare while on vacation. They are attacked in the desert by bloodthirsty mutants. Something about eating birds and human flesh. You can see The Hills Have Eyes on Disney+.


Another classic splatter that has been revived is The Texas Chainsaw Massacre from 1974. The killer armed with a chainsaw and a homemade mask of human skin has been a household name for decades. The most recent reboot is the 2022 teen horror, in which a group of influencers are introduced to the violent perpetrator known as Leatherface. If you are curious about the history behind the character, be sure to watch the film Leatherface. You can stream Texas Chainsaw Massacre at Netflix, Leatherface at Videoland.


When a young woman walks into the Airbnb she booked, she discovers she is not the only guest. That guy just isn’t the one she should fear. No, it soon turns out that a lot of horror awaits them both. Perhaps not the grossest film on this list, but it certainly contains a number of disturbing images. You stream Barbarian on Disney+.


The king of gore may well be Jigsaw, the bitter villain who makes his victims play death-defying games. Those who lose die in a gruesome manner. And that has been the case for ten films. Ten, indeed: Saw X will be released in cinemas from October 19. You can stream the first Saw at Prime Video. You pay extra for part two.


Pennywise, move over: Art the Clown from Terrifier really knows what bloodshed is. We can tell you that he can handle a metal saw very well. The horror film received a second part in 2022, which caused a stir. Moviegoers are said to have become unwell – read: fainting and vomiting – when they saw the gruesome images. “Viewers who are weak of heart, prone to dizziness or have a sensitive stomach are advised to exercise extreme caution,” the creators then warned. You can see Terrifier at Videoland. It is not yet known where and when the second part will be shown.

Final Destination

The film series that has given some people a great fear of the tanning bed (watch Final Destination 3 for that). In Final Destination, no one escapes death. The concept is that a group of people survive an accident, but then die one by one in ways that are as mysterious as they are horrible. The original Final Destination from 2000 can be seen on Prime Video. At the same streaming service you can also watch The Final Destination 4 (2009) and Final Destination 5 (2011) for a fee on top of your subscription.

The Human Centipede

So cruel, shocking, graphic, sickening and offensive that the film by Dutch director Tom Six has been banned worldwide. Even fans of the genre draw the line at The Human Centipede, the gruesome splatter in which a deranged doctor realizes his big dream: creating a human centipede. He does this by sewing his victims to each other’s anus. And we’ll leave it at that for now. For those crazy enough to want to watch it: you can only rent the film in the Netherlands at Pathé Thuis.

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