Why is My Car Cranking But Not Starting

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Are you wondering why your Car Cranking But Not Starting? If your car is cranking but not starting don’t worry it nothing serious you can even fix it yourself. One thing is sure, the electrical components are working just as expected but the cranking continues because there is problem with either the spark plug, air, fuel or compression.

Generally, when the ignition is turn on, it tell the battery to send electrical current to the starter. This current makes it possible for the starter turn the engine then the spark plug on top of the combustion chamber spark fire to ignite the fuel mixed with air in the chamber which will keep the engine running.

Causes of long cranking without starting?

If your car cranks but will not start, the problem is nothing but secondary ignition problem. The problem could be that the fuel pump is not working so the carburetor is not receiving fuel.

Another instance could be that your fuel tank is even empty and there is not fuel coming into the fuel pump at all. When there no fuel, combustion would not be possible in the combustion chamber.

Another reason why your car will crank, but not start, you may not be getting a spark. A spark is used to ignite the fuel, allowing the car to start.

Check for a spark yourself should not be a big deal if you know where the spark plugs are located. But it is not bad if you visit a mechanic shop for quick checks as checking the plug for sparks might be the skill set of a car owner.

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Common causes of crank but not starting

  • Lack of Fuel

Like i mentioned before when your vehicle cranks but would not start be assured that it is not an electrical fault. The number one reason you should first consider checking is the fuel.

Yes, it might sound funny but it is true, you are running shot of fuel. Forget the fuel gauge you are seeing on the dashboard just go get some fuel to start your car.

Most likely you might be running low on fuel or your fuel tank might even be empty without you knowing. Happens a lot of time when the fuel gauge will be showing a reading that you have enough fuel while in the real sense, you don’t.

So even if the fuel gauge is reading full, you might be running shot of fuel. This could be the reason why your car is cranking but would not start.

  • Bad Fuel pump

A bad fuel is enough for frustrate you and stop the car from starting. Fuel pump is a component in a vehicles fuel line, it is located inside or beside the fuel tank.

The primary function of the fuel pump is pump fuel from the thank to the carburetor or the injector. Fuel pump just like every other vehicle parts might need to be replaced from time to time when it starts failing.

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Generally symptoms of a bad fuel pump includes continuous cranking which is same why you are experiencing difficulty in starting. Other signs and symptoms of a bad fuel pump includes sputtering, car dies under heavy load, inconsistent and unintended acceleration and decreased fuel efficiency.

Fuel pump replacement might be the solution to your car cranking but not starting if you have enough fuel in the fuel tank. You might want to visit a professional mechanic for a fuel pump replacement.

  • A frozen fuel line

Your car’s fuel line can freeze when water vapor in the fuel line freezes. This can prevent the fuel from getting into the combustion chamber.

Freezing of the fuel line can also lead to water being present in your fuel line thereby contaminating the fuel. Moist air may condense in the fuel tank as the temperature changes and the resulting water settles to the bottom of the tank.

To avoid water in the tank, which could turn to ice in the lines, keep your tank at least half-full in very cold weather.

  • Spark plugs

Spark plugs could be another reason why your car is not starting even when every other components seems to be working just as expected. The spark plugs can get sooty and loose its ability to produce enough spark for the combustion chamber to burn fuel and air completely.

signs of a bad or failing spark plug includes misfiring engine, rough engine idle, high fuel consumption. However in most modern cars it is very unlikely for a bad spark plug to lead to a continuous cranking with no start.

But the spark plug are still worth checking and replacing when they need to be. It is easy to forget about the spark plugs when their replacement schedule is 100,000 miles.

Other common Reasons why Your Car Won’t Start

apart from the long crank caused by a secondary ignition problem, in general sense there are set of problems that can stop your car from starting. Some of these problem could be electrical and other are mechanical problems.

Below are 7 reasons why your you vehicle might not start

  • Dirty Air filter

A dirty air filter could be the culprit that is stopping your car from starting. The primary function of the air filter is cleaning of the air that is circulating through the heating/cooling system that which the engine inhales.

The air filter does this by trapping all dirt particles and debris in filter then delivers clean air to the needed environment. When the filter fails to do its work dust, dirt and debris will find there way into the engine and the cooling system.

Identifying a bad or dirty filter is not a hard task, you as well replace a bad air filter at home all by you self. Signs of a bad air filter includes reduced fuel economy, misfiring engine, unusual engine sounds, check Engine Light comes on and reduced horsepower.

  • Clogged fuel pump
  • Clogged fuel filter
  • Lack of fuel
  • Bad timing belt
  • Bad ignition coil
  • Battery itself

This article answers the question why is my car cranking but not starting. If you still need more explanation about any other thing please ask us using the comment box.

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