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35 Dodge Warning Lights On Dashboard You Must Know

Dodge warning lights are basically categorized into red, yellow and white. All Dodge models dashboard lights follow this same pattern including the Hellcat, Dodge Durango and even Dodge ram vehicles.

The dashboard lights in red, yellow and white translates to warning, malfunction and indicator lights respectively. This light dash light pattern is followed in all Dodge car models including the Hellcat, Dodge Durango and Dodge charger.

The red dodge Durango warning light indicates that immediate attention is needed, while yellow is a warning sign of a malfunction, white light is just a simple indication. Dodge Durango dash light are so many you might be able to remember all.

In this article you will learn all about Dodge warning lights and what they mean in general. Some of this lights are indicated as orange light on dashboard and other red. Continue reading to find out what Dodge ram warning lights are

Red Dodge Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL)

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These list includes the Check Engine Light, Electronic Stability Control, Anti-Lock Brake System, Electronic Throttle Control, Electronic Power Steering (EPS) Warning, fuel filter warning light, High Engine Coolant Temperature and others. These category of warning lights needs immediate attention whenever they come up on the dash.

The malfunction indicator light is there to alert you are driver that something is not working properly. In this case, most likely either the engine is at risk, or some other very essential parts that amounts to expensive repairs.

Below is a full list of all the Dodge ram warning lights marked as red

  • Check Engine Light
  • Electronic Stability Control
  • Anti-Lock Brake System
  • Electronic Throttle Control
  • Electronic Power Steering (EPS) Warning
  • fuel filter warning light
  • High Engine Coolant Temperature
  • Start stop system and trouble indicators
  • Tow mode and system indicators
  • Anti-lock brake system fault indicator
  • Tire pressure monitor indicator
  • Stability control off indicator
  • Stability control indicator
  • Low fuel indicator
  • Loose gas cap indicator
  • Electronic throttle control indicator
  • Door or trunk ajar indicators
  • Security indicator
  • Air bag warning indicator
  • Seat belt reminder
  • Transmission oil temperature indicator
  • Engine temperature indicator
  • Oil warning lights
  • Brake trouble indicators

The above list makes up the totality of all the warning lights on a Dodge car. These lights are all present in all Dodge models.

Dodge ram 1500 warning lights – orange light on dashboard

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The Dodge ram 1500 dashboard lights are the same as the ones listed above but here is a concise explanation of the most common and important ones.

Check Engine Light

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The check engine is one of the most notorious warning light every driver and car owner do not want to see. This light simply comes on in most cases as an indication that there is a malfunction in the engine.

Unfortunately, the check engine light covers a lot of problems ranging from a serious engine problem to a loose gas cap. Whenever this warning light come on your Dodge car, make sure to park and inspect what the problem could be.

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Electronic Stability Control

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Electronic stability control (ESC) also referred to as vehicle stability control system, its primary function is to actively reduce the number and severity of motor vehicle crashes that result from a loss of control. ESC also called the traction system in most modern Toyota vehicles, provides traction and anti-skid support in cases of oversteering and understeering.

Over-steering occurs when the vehicle continues to turn beyond the driver’s steering input because the rear end is sliding outwards. Under-steering occurs when the vehicle turns less than the driver’s steering input because the wheels have insufficient traction.

Anti-Lock Brake System

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This system is literarily concerned only with vehicle braking system, it makes sure the braking system does not lock up. This light come up as an indication you have pressed the accelerator and the brake pedal together.

Pressing the accelerator and brake pedals together will cause breaking to be less efficient and these has lead to a lot of accidents. However, if the light stays on when the brake is not been applied then you should know something is wrong with the system.

Electronic Throttle Control

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Electronic throttle control (ETC) is an automobile technology which electronically “connects” the accelerator pedal to the throttle, replacing a mechanical linkage. It function is to ensure accuracy in throttle power.

Most recent Dodge cars including Hellcat and Dodge Durango is equipped with this throttle feature. Whenever the Electronic throttle control is faulty, the dashboard warning light that indicate Electronic throttle control will come up.

High Engine Coolant Temperature

Engine coolant is more like the food that sustain the engine and keeps it going even in extreme heat conditions. The function of the coolant is to keep the engine’s temperature low and regulate it either ways indicated as orange light on dashboard.

Whenever something is wrong in the cooling system, the coolant would start overheating, this is not good for the engine. When coolant over heats the engine’s temperature would rise too.

An overheating engine, can get damaged at any point in time, the internal components can wear out or even brake and lead to expensive repairs. If then coolant start to become overheated than it should, the high engine coolant warning light would come up.

This article covers all about Dodge warning lights, symbols and meaning. If you have any questions please do ask us using the comment section.


The warning lights on the dashboard show a variety of colors and some are red. Yellow lights or amber light are sometimes used at reducing risk or warning.

Green and blue light just indicates that you are actuated with that feature, such as headlights or cruise control. The easiest information on the automobile is the owners manual.

For those that have lost their manual they can access it at the automaker’s website or at their company’. Most serious warning light are red and they show a significant issue or a significant element failure.

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