How to Program Tesla Key Fob Model S, 3, and Y

A Tera electron volt Energy Superconducting Linear Accelerator (AKA: Tesla) has brought about modern evolution in the technology world. Tesla designs and manufactures not only electric vehicles but also solar roof tiles, and solar panels.

Tesla cars, also make use of key fobs to lock, unlock, and start the car just like other traditional gasoline-powered cars do. But just like every other car’s key fob, Tesla’s can also need to be programmed, this brings the question of how to program Tesla Key Fob for models S, 3, and Y.


How to Program Tesla Key Fob


Most Tesla keys have to be programmed at the service center to your cars but I will show you how to do that yourself. You will have to unbox your classic Tesla key whose lock-in is mostly on a single side, exposing your Tesla key and 2 Cr2032 lithium batteries.

To program your Tesla key fob, enter inside the car, click on the lock screen tab on the infotainment screen, and next follow the on-screen prompt instructions. Lastly, rename key fobs and confirm your settings by choosing an active key.

On completing this procedure, you have successfully programmed a new key fob to work with your car or have added a new key to function with your original key. Using the Tesla key fob will be easier if you are in the right position and a double-tap on the key works just fine. Double click on the key behind the car to unlock the boot, do the same in front of the car to unlock the bonnet, and a single press to lock the car completely.


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How to Program Model S Tesla Key Fob


To program a model S Tesla key fob, place your key card on the charging pad, access your Control panel on the dash screen, tap on the locks tab, and take off the key card from the charging pod to deactivate the unknown key on the display screen. Finally place back your key card on the charging pod to activate your current key card, rename the key card to a name of your choice and you are good to go.


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The Tesla Model S usually comes with a key fob that looks like a 3D of the actual car, it unlocks the car automatically in close proximity. To unlock the front of the car, you just need to double-tap the front fob and it pops open, the same goes for the back of the car.


How to Program Model Y Tesla Key Fob


To program a model Y Tesla key fob, first unbox the key fob then install the battery, and go to “Setup”. Place down your key fob and a prompt up will open requesting a key card, click on Settings, and then the locks button on the screen.



Basically, activating your model Y Tesla key fob is much better than relying on the key card all the time. Most key fobs for Tesla model Y do come with a 3 number inscription on the top, which we know is for model 3 Tesla vehicles but works just fine for model Y as well.


Click on the Plus button to add up a new key fob or better still replace the existing key fob by pairing your new key fob. Rename if you feel like it and then test out your new key fob if it’s working and all control buttons are there on the top of the key fob. A double click works just fine.


Tesla Model 3 Key Fob Programming Instructions


Just like every other key fob, the Tesla Model 3 key fob equally has its programming instructions to follow. To program a Tesla key fob to your vehicle, you need not take it to any Tesla service center, pay a little to these instructions and you will be good to go all by yourself.

To pair a Tesla Model 3 key fob, programing instructions are: first go to “Locks” from the settings on your screen display. Click on add a new key and follow the prompt that comes up, then you pair the key and then customize the name of Key Fobs or better still delete existing key fobs record.



But before that, you will have to make an installation of one of the two “2 Cr2032 lithium batteries” into the key fob. Not all key fobs do have close sensitivity lock ability but some do, regardless of which you get both are incredible. Control buttons are identified on top of the key fob.


How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Tesla Key Card?


To replace a malfunctioning or lost part of a vehicle will cost you no matter how little depending on the parts and model of the vehicle. Tesla key card is no different but as we all know there are different model of Tesla vehicles and each model have its key cards.

Replacing a Tesla key card will cost you nothing less than $25 and not more than $400 depending on the model. Tesla Model 3 key card cost $25 while the Tesla Model 3/Y key card cost $190, plus an additional $100 programming fee rendered by the service center.

There are Tesla key fobs that work for both the Tesla Model 3 vehicles and the Tesla model Y vehicles. They happen to be the most expensive and most recommended for both models and mostly come in two each with a key card which is needed for the setup process.


How Do You Start a Tesla Without a Key Card?


To start a Tesla without a key card, you access your Tesla app on your Android or iPhone and unlock the app using facial recognition. On the main screen, click on the middle icon with a lock icon on your mobile app to unlock the car, just press the brake and select gear to drive.

A Tesla key card is really an important piece that you need to run your Tesla vehicle, but what happens when it’s lost? For such a well-advanced vehicle as to exist without a Lupo is hard, so let me show you how you start a Tesla without a key card.


Will Tesla Lock with Key Card Inside?


Tesla key card does not have an automatic effect as a key fob in locking and unlocking a vehicle, so leaving it in the car is no big deal. Although a Tesla key card can start up the vehicle but will have to be very close to the console to turn on the car.


Tesla vehicles will lock with the key cards inside the vehicle, long as you have your key fob, you can unlock the car. Just moving close to the car with the key will automatically unlucky the vehicle for key fobs that have that features and if they don’t, just double click to unluck.


How Do I Reset My Tesla Key Card?


To reset my Tesla key card, the first thing to do is to enter the vehicle and access the Car menu on the display screen. Go to settings and click on Locks, tap on the add a new keycard button and follow the prompt up instructions to set up the new card.

Just so you know that there are different models of Tesla vehicles and so these instructions may vary between models. But the entire concept is the same, you can choose to delete the existing key card records or just ignore them and rename yours to a name of your choice.


How Do I Link My Tesla Key Card?


To link a Tesla key card, first, download the Tesla mobile app to your phone, and install and access the app on your phone. Log in with your Tesla account username and password, tap the Set Up Phone Key on the phone’s main screen and then link your new Tesla key card.

Another way to link your Tesla key card is to go to the car’s display screen on the dashboard and click on the settings icon. Navigate to the locks option on the main screen, click on add a new card and then place your key card on the charging pod and remove it after a few seconds.

That will deactivate the former key card, then place again to activate the current key card, and then Rene your card. Now your key card is fully linked, you can use it to start your car automatically by leaving it close to the console but just so you know, it has no auto-lock security effect like the key fob.




With the use of high-tech features such as key fobs, key cards, and traditional keys tesla is on top of its game. Tesla is no doubt currently, insighting domination in EV markets and stepping things up with very new invasions. 

Programming a Tesla key fob will not work without a correct battery installation and also knowing the right steps will be better. This article has covered all you need to know about how to program Tesla key fobs for Model X, S, 3, and Y,, if you find this article useful please share.

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