4 Common Signs of a Bad Radiator

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signs of a bad radiator are almost similar to blown head gasket signs. The radiator is the part of the cooling system that ensures the passage, and cooling of coolants when it hot. If for any reason the radiator stops working or stops doing its work as expected then overheating of the engine will start. … Read more

3 Common Signs You Need a Coolant Flush

signs you need a coolant flush

In general sense overheating is part of signs you need a coolant flush. But there are more other factors that makes your car overheat. The engine’s cooling system is equipped with the ability to regulate temperature of the car and keep it moving. Coolant is the fluid that runs through the cooling system to ensure … Read more

5 Surprising Reasons Why Your Car Won’t Start

Reasons why Your Car Won’t Start, bad timing chain, week battery,

Are you finding it hard to start your car? this article will explain reasons why Your Car Won’t Start. It is very disheartening to get disappointed by your car especially just when you least expect it. Every vehicle comprises of both electrical and mechanical components working together to make the engine run. If any of … Read more