23 Toyota Corolla Dashboard Warning Lights & Meaning

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Toyota corolla dashboard warning lights are general indicators of your vehicle’s behavior and working condition. Whether you drive a Toyota Aygo, Yaris, Camry, Corolla, Land Cruiser, RAV4, or another models these dashboard lights remain the same.

Knowing what this lights mean is very important and can save you as driver or car owner as you will be able to tell when you car is okay or not. However, the number of lights on the dashboard is so much that you might not be able to memorize them all.

Well good news, our expects here on cookip.com have come together to put a simple comprehensive not together to help you remember them anytime. In this article, you will learn all of the Toyota corolla dashboard warning lights and there meaning.

23 Toyota corolla dashboard warning lights and translations

Your cars come with dozens of different lights, some of which are warnings, and some of which are indicators. The warnings are meant to let us know if something in our vehicles isn’t working properly, while the indicators are simply there to tell us that a specific system is active.

Toyota brake system warning light

The brake system warning light come on when the brake is engaged and should go of when the brake pedal is released. However, this warning light is designed to come up in two instances only, either when you apply the brakes or when the brake system is faulty.

If the light does not go off after releasing the brake pedal then something is not working right. The brake system warning light can also be and indication of low brake hydraulic fluid level.

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Should you drive with my brake system warning light on?

I will definitely say a capital NO to driving with the brakes light on. It is tally on safe and not a good decision to drive with the brake light on as a lot of things can go wrong fast.

The brake system is the essential system that makes it possible to slow down and eventually come to a stop when driving. When the brake system is faulty it becomes less efficient and less efficient is not good for the road.

In my opinion, i would advice you not to drive when you notice the brake light on either on Toyota corolla or any model. It is totally not safe to drive with this light on even at a very low speed and a short distance, until you get to a repair shop.

Just as mentioned before, the light is just an indicator to help you know your brakes working condition. Remember Toyota corolla dashboard warning lights a very important and should be given attentions always.

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Toyota engine malfunction light

Toyota engine malfunction light also called “check engine light” among mechanics and car owners indicates the engine working condition. Check engine lights comes on when the engine experiencing any problems ranging from misfiring, lack of power or stuttering.

This engine light can as well come on as an indication of other things that could be wrong apart from the once mention above. Faults like failed emission, even a wrongly installed timing chain can make this light to get delimited.

Whatever the case maybe, whenever you see this check light come on, it means quick attention is needed in the engine. To avoid creating further damages, if you notice the light, quickly drive to the nearest auto repair shop for professional diagnosis.

Should you drive with my brake system warning light on?

Even though check engine light can mean a very small negligible fault, it should always be your priority to see that the fault is fix. Remember a stich on time saves nine, apply this principle to your car too.

Small problems can lead to bigger once if not checked and fixed on time the little fault ca lead to premium repair or total damage eventually. Again, my answer to this is NO, you should not drive and if you must it should not be long before it should be diagnosed and fixed.

Toyota electronic power steering (EPS) warning

Toyota electric power steering warning sign (EPS) also indicated by a steering wheel sign and a exclamation mark. When the EPS comes up on the dashboard, it is and indication that something is not functioning properly in the electrical powered steering.

However, the EPS warning sign might come up as a result of some errors, so this makes fixing it very simple. EPS is rarely associated with serious problems that cannot by simple fixes like rebooting the cars computer.

If you are driving and you notice the EPS light comes up, do not worry or panic just yet, you can fix it yourself. Find a safe place to stop and try turning the car off and back on again after 30 seconds.

After performing this procedure, it is expected for the electric powered steering to reset and the light should go off. If the light stays on after switching off and restarting the car then you should definitely go visit a mechanic for diagnosis.

Can you drive with the EPS light on?

My direct answer to this is Yes you can drive even with the light on but don get too comfortable. The EPS electronic control unit (ECU) calculates the assisting power needed based on the torque being applied to the steering wheel by the driver, the steering wheel position and the vehicle’s speed.

The EPS motor rotates a steering gear with an applied force that reduces the torque required from the driver. Always visit a qualified professional mechanic or auto repair shop for a diagnosis check.

Toyota diesel particulate filter (DPF) warning light

This system is specifically designed for diesel powered engine vehicles. The primary function of the diesel particulate filter is to reduce emissions.

In a more wider sense, DPF reduces emissions from diesel vehicles, diesel particulate filters capture and store exhaust soot, which must be periodically burned off to regenerate the filter. So whenever the (DPF) it will failed to perform as expected thereby causing the engine emission to increase.

The light comes on then it means something is wrong with in your diesel powered engine Toyota vehicle. When the light comes on, it is a direct sign of saying “Hi dear something is wrong with me”.

On Vauxhall cars it indicates that the filter is full or has become blocked with soot. If the DPF is not quickly attended to and fixed it can cause a reduction in accelerating force.

Can I drive with my EPS light on?

If are driving around with a block filter apart from the fact that you will experience a reduced acceleration, you will as well be polluting the air with toxic black smoke. You would not get a ticket for this, but i am sure you would as well not want to cause harm to the environment.

Whenever you see the DPF light come on, on your Toyota vehicle, Please do yourself, your vehicle and the environment a favour and get the problem resolved as soon as possible. Try to get it replaced as soon as possible to avoid causing much harm.

Toyota fuel filter warning light

Diesel fuel filters separate out the traces of water found in diesel fuel before it gets into the engine, where it could cause damage. This yellow light indicates that the diesel fuel filter is full and needs to be emptied.

On some vehicles you will need to empty the filter manually, whereas on others, this may be done automatically. Check your owner’s manual to see how it works on your Toyota model.

If the filter should empty automatically this warning light may mean that this system is not working properly, in which case you should get it checked out as soon as you can.

Can I still drive with my fuel filter warning light on?

Although you are safe to continue driving with this warning light on you should empty the fuel filter as soon as you can – if the water begins to seep into our engine it could cause serious damage. Head to a garage if you’re not sure how.

Toyota high engine coolant temperature warning light

This warning sign applies to all Toyota models just as it is in the Toyota corolla dashboard warning lights. This light comes on so as to indicate that the cooling system is not functioning properly.

It can also translate to mean that the engine is overheating due to low coolant level, indication of coolant leak. In worst case scenario of this coolant temperature warning light, it could be indicating a blown head gasket.

Is it safe to drive with coolant light on?

The function of coolant in the car is basically to regulate the engines temperature and keep the engine going. In a more elaborate sense, coolant is a liquid mixture of water and antifreeze located in your vehicle’s radiator.

It prevents your engine from overheating in hot weather and freezing in extreme cold weather, conditions where things can go very wrong for an engine. Because of the immense importance of coolant my answer is no, it is not safe to drive with coolant light on.

Whenever your car is running low on coolant, you stand a chance of causing more damage to you car more especially you stand a chance of browsing the head gasket. To avoid premium repairs and costly fees, do not drive around with the temperature warning light on.

Toyota oil pressure warning light

This lights comes on generally to serve as a warning sign that something is wrong with the engine oil. The causes of this light is streamlined to two oil conditions.

If the oil level is low or if the engine oil temperature is high, your Toyota oil pressure warning light will come up. This cold look really simple, don’t get it twisted it can cause you a lot unimaginable damages.

Is it safe to drive with oil pressure warning light?

Whenever you see this light come on, you should not hesitate any more second to stop and check for any visible oil leaks. If there is not visible oil leaks you should get a professional to fix this leak immediately.

If there are not visible leaks you should check the engine oil level as these cold also be another reason why the light is on. If the oil level checks out to be low, do well by topping it to the right millage before you continue your journey.

The light should go off a minute after the topping the engine oil. Driving with a oil pressure light on will not cause you physical problems but it will dig deep into your pocket.

Toyota engine oil change warning light

The engine oil change warning light is the way of the engine telling you “it is time for oil change”. As a requirement to keep your engine working in good condition, the oil needs to be changed within a regular interval.

regular oil change does not only apply to Toyota corolla but applies to all Toyota models too. This light comes on to remind you to change your engine oil.

Once you have replaced the oil you will need to reset the indicator. Take a look at your car’s owner manual to find out how.

Can I still drive with my change oil light on?

The function of the engine oil, is to keep the engine internal parts lubricated against wear and tear. So my answer is Yes, you can still drive with the oil change light on but your engine will be at risk.

Regularly servicing, maintaining and ultimately changing the engine oil will be a plus for your engine health. Endeavor to give attention to this warning signs when ever you see it come up in your car dashboard.

Toyota service reminder warning light

Most modern vehicles are equipped with this warning light to help you as a car owner or driver monitor intervals between when service was done and the next time it should. The system will as well monitor the distance you might have traveled since the last oil change too.

Likewise, though it may take many thousands of miles of driving before you see it, the ‘T-BELT’ warning light will light up when your mileage clock hits a certain number, to remind you to change the timing belt (cambelt).

Toyota tire pressure warning light

Due to how much modern days car have been well equipped with computers, even tire pressure can be monitored. Yes you just read it right, the tire pressure warning light comes on when the tire pressure is low or unbalanced.

This warning light is to help your as a driver to know when the pressure in your tires is too much or too low. When tire air pressure is relatively low, this can be a be dangerous especially when driving on high speed.

Can you drive with tire pressure warning light on

Yes you can drive but you have to keep in mind that your tire pressure is not stable and can cause a lot of problems to you, your car and others. Like i said before, it is unsafe be driving with low tire pressure, so reduce your speed, and try to avoid braking suddenly or making any violent steering maneuvers.

Fixing the tire pressure is not expensive neither is it complex either. In fact, most petrol fueling stations have and option for car owners to check and top up air in tires.

Toyota battery charge warning light

Battery charge warning light or battery service or check battery light comes on as to indicate either a failing alternator or a dead battery. The function of the alternator is to keep charging the battery and charge by supplying current driving the engine is running.

It your have a failing alternator, your battery will not be charge and can be dead within a short time. Generally, the warning light will come up if any part of the electrical components is not working properly.

Can I drive with my battery charge light on?

Yes you can drive even with a battery charging warning sign been on without any much issue at first until extended. If you continue driving with the warning light on without you fixing it then you stand a chance of killing your car’s battery.

If you car battery becomes dead and your car stops you stand no chance of starting it again. You will need a jump start to get your engine up and running again if your battery is dead.

Toyota anti-lock brake system (ABS) warning light

The ABS light comes up only only if when the brakes are applied or when something is wrong with the brake system. Anti-lock brake system otherwise called the ABS warning light comes on in respect to brake system problems.

This warning light is even more of a safety kind of light as it help to keep you as a driver alerted about the condition of the brake system. Not only in Toyota cars but in all hydraulics brake system this light is very important.

Can I drive with my ABS light on?

Driving with the ABS light on can be very dangerous depending on the brake systems condition. If you this light comes up when you are driving, you should consider parking and inspecting to be sure of what the problem could be.

Do not drive an inch until fixed it you notice the problem is big as you will be putting yourself, your car and other on the road in danger. Call a professional mechanic to come and have a look and repair it before you continue your journey. Read my previous article to learn how to flush brake fluid.

Toyota brake override system warning light

Brake override system warning light is more like a new invention as it is not present in other old Models of Toyota. The warning light is indicated by yellow light right after the anti-lock brake system (ABS) warning light.

This light come up as an indication you have pressed the accelerator and the brake pedal together. Passing the accelerator and brake pedals together will cause breaking to be less efficient and these has lead to a lot of accidents.

Si if by any means you made a mistake of pressing the accelerator and the brake pedals together the light will come up. To reset the light, simply raise your foot from the brake and the accelerator then press the brake.

Resetting the brake override system light is as easy that. If the light is flashing, this indicates that there is a fault with the Brake Override system itself and you should get it checked out as soon as possible.

Toyota slip indicator warning light

This is the only light that indicates a problem with traction control system. The traction system works in the background to help accelerate and prevent wheel slippage (or “over-spinning”) when driving on slippery surfaces.

This feature provides a lot of benefits to drivers, from making driving smoother to helping them stay in control of the car on icy roads or during rainy weather. Driving without traction control can make your vehicle susceptible to spinning out and you could possibly slide around on the road.

Can you drive with slip indicator warning light on

Yes you can drive but it is dangerous as might not be able to control the car efficiently when driving down a steep road. If you noticed this light come up when you are driving, slowdown and pack the traction system might be faulty.

You may have inadvertently turned off the traction system. To check, try stopping and restarting the engine. If the light remains on after restarting get it checked at a garage as this is an important safety feature.

Toyota TRC off warning light

The traction Control System (TRC) is designed to maintain drive power and stop the drive wheels from spinning when you start your car or accelerate on slippery roads. This warning light simply indicates that the system is off.

If the traction system fails or start to fail to maintain drive power then the TRC off warning light would come up. If the light stays on then you might have to visit a professional for checks to avoid what could happen next.

Other dashboard warning lights you should know
  • Toyota rear differential lock warning light
  • Toyota low speed four-wheel drive warning light
  • Toyota AdBlue® warning light
  • Toyota airbag warning light
  • Toyota lane departure warning light
  • Toyota pre-crash safety (PCS) warning light
Why is my dashboard light not working?

If the dashboard isn’t lighting up at all, your car might have blown a fuse. Removing the old fuse and replacing it should get the lights working again. While the new fuse may do the trick, it could also indicate a deeper electrical problem.

This article all about all car dashboard lights specifically Toyota Corolla dashboard warning light, symbols and there meanings. If you still have any question please ask as using the comment section.

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