Toyota rav4 check engine light reset

Simple Steps For Toyota Rav4 Check Engine Light Reset

In this article you will learn simple steps for Toyota rav4 check engine light reset. You will also learn how to reset check engine without or without OBD-II scanner.

The method i will be showing you in this article will work for most modern Toyota models including Toyota Camry, Toyota corolla, Toyota sienna and most importantly Toyota 4RAV. Other things you will learn includes common reasons why the check engine light comes on and what it means.

What Does the Check Engine Light Mean in a Toyota 4RAV?

The check engine light represented by a red and an engine sign is one among multiple onboard diagnostics system in a car. Like in every Toyota car models, the check engine light is also present in other car manufacturers including Honda, Lexus and others too.

If you are seeing a check engine light illuminated on you 4RAV dashboard you don’t need to panic just yet. Check engine warning light itself is not evil but what triggers the light to come up is what you should be concern about.

Check engine light or malfunction indicator is nothing but an indication and warning sign of any form of malfunctions in the engine bay. This malfunctions can be caused by little issues light a loose gas or radiator cap to as big as a blown head gasket.

Whenever the check engine light comes on, the onboard diagnostic system sends problem codes that are saved the car’s computer system. This codes can be read using and OBD-II scanner tool.

You can as well refer to out OBD code blog category for a comprehensive list of OBD problem codes for Toyota 4RAV and there meaning. So check engine light can be a sign of a simple problem to a complex problems.

Simple trick to turn off check engine light in a Toyota RAV4

Check engine light can be very disturbing at some point especially if you don’t know how to reset the light. This simple that you will learn does not required any expenses whatsoever and you can do it anywhere. Follow the steps below

  • Park your car on a very plane surface.
  • Open the bonnet and locate the battery.
  • Remove the red and black battery terminals.
  • Wait for about 5 minutes.
  • Plug the terminals back on the battery.

If you do this the check engine light will automatically go off and would not show again except if there is another problem. The only downside to this method is that removing your battery terminals might affect your radio settings.

To avoid disrupting your radio settings and other configurations, i will teach you how to reset check engine light in your Toyota Camry, Toyota Corolla and Toyota highlander.

How to reset check engine light on Toyota sienna

This method is effective for Toyota models including the RAV4 and Toyota sienna. This method will help your to disabled the check engine light without loosing radio settings.

Also, you will not need any technical tool to get the job done. This method works just like the first with a little slight difference.

  • Park your car on a very plane surface
  • Open the bonnet and locate the battery
  • Next to the battery is a fuse box
  • Open the fuse box
  • Locate a 20 amp fuse labeled “EFI MAIN” and a 10 amp fuse labeled “ETCS”
  • Pull both these fuses out of the box
  • Wait a minute or two and plug them back in

After completing this process and replacing the fuse the check light should have disappear. The ECM codes should now be cleared and the lights off.

Toyota RAV4 Check Engine Light Codes

Like i mentioned before, check engine light is not a bad thing but the problem that triggers it. With that said you will need some more ground knowledge of the OBD scanner and diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) for a better picture of what check engine light could be fixed and the causes.

Note, if the check engine light also called the malfunction indicator comes on, before your think about resetting check engine light in Toyota RAV4, please run a diagnostic test. If try your Toyota RAV4 check engine light reset without fixing the problem, the light will remain.

You could as well stand the chance of causing more damage to your engine that might lead to expensive repairs. Remember, many problems can things can trigger the check engine light to be illuminated.

Among this reasons includes the following

  • Transmission issues
  • Bad Spark Plugs
  • Loose Gas Cap or Missing Gas Cap
  • Ignition system faults
  • Old Battery
  • Computer output circuit issues
  • O2 Sensor
  • Emissions controls issues
  • Fuel and air metering systems problems

If you can recall i said the computer stores a trouble code from the onboard diagnosis system when check engine light come up. Well, these codes that the computer stores are called the OBD codes, when scanned they can be read and translated to understand why the check engine light is on.

Can a bad spark plug cause Toyota RAV4 Check Engine Light

Failing spark plugs are very notorious at this. When the spark plugs in your car engine starts failing, it produces not enough spark to ignite fuel and air in the combustion chamber for a complete combustion.

When there is and incomplete combustion, fuel residue can be stored in the catalytic converter. This can lead to a build up of heat that can further lead to internal damages that can cause expensive repairs.

So the answer is yes, a failing spark plug can cause check engine light to come up in a Toyota RAV4. If not cleaned or taken cared of in time, it can lead too many more problems.

Will the check engine light reset itself?

The check engine light comes on a only when there is a problem in the engine that affects it’s performance. When the problem is sense by the car computer system, trouble codes are stored and the check engine light starts illuminating.

The trouble codes stored by the car computer can be read read using and OBD scanner. The trouble code will then be translated to understand what the problem is actually.

When the problem is solved the Toyota RAV4 check engine light will reset itself. If the light does not stop showing up immediately, do no panic just continue driving, within the next few days it will disappear.

Likewise, if your catalytic converter is going functional, and you did a lot of stop-and-go driving, that may have turned on the check engine light due to the high usage of the converter. In most cases, your Toyota RAV4 light will go off after about 20-40 miles.

If you drive over that amount and the light is still on, you will need to bring it in so the light and code can be double-checked and reset. The real problem might have not been solved just yet.

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