Transmission Fluid Temperature Light – Meaning & Quick Fix

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There are many indicators of your vehicle’s health, one of the more important ones is the transmission fluid temperature light. This warning light comes on when you are driving or if you’ve stopped your vehicle for a while.

It alerts you that the fluid in the transmission is overheating and this could lead to permanent damage to the car’s transmission system. The light will illuminate in two ways: it will either be on steady, or it will flash when you’ve come to a stop.

There are three different colors for this indicator light: red, yellow, and white. The color that the indicator flashes in depends on how hot your transmission fluid is getting over time or when you’ve come to a complete stop for about an hour.

What is Transmission Fluid Temperature Light

The Transmission Fluid Temperature Light is a simple tool for your vehicle. It alerts you to what the transmission fluid temperature is, saving you from the expense of a transmission failure or damage that can cost thousands of dollars to repair

The Transmission Fluid Temperature Light will help you avoid costly repairs by letting you know if your transmission fluid is too cold or too hot.

In another word, this transmission fluid temperature light always on when even there is too high temperature of transmission fluid. In this can it can leads to the problem of transmission failure in your vehicle.

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How to Cool Transmission Fluid Temperature Light?

As you have learn about the meaning of the transmission fluid temperature light and the safety and important of it on your vehicle. You should also know how to fix this light in your vehicle for safety purpose.

Now, the information that I will be giving you here will guide you on how you can fix this temperature light on your vehicle. So below is the procedure that will help you on how to fix the transmission fluid temperature light on your car;

  1. First thing that you should do is to stop the car immediately.
  2. You should wait and let the transmission cool down first.
  3. You should now try and notice for any kind noise or other other disturbance that may occur in the vehicle.
  4. Then after the cooling down of the transmission engine, you can start the backup system.
  5. Lastly, the gently will continue when later driving on your way.

With the above information, you can now make use of it by fixing the light on your vehicle because its of great help to your car. But make sure that the information is used the way its being described.

2 Ways To Fix Transmission Fluid Temp Light

In this article, we will be taking up the discussion about the ways to fix a car with a transmission fluid temp light diagnosis.

  • Check for a leak: If you think that there is a leak in your transmission fluid, then it is best to check for it. If you still cannot find the leak, then it is advisable that you take your car to a mechanic or service station.
  • Replace the thermostat: The thermostat helps regulate the temperature of your engine and helps keep your transmission fluid from overheating. In order to fix this issue, you need to replace the thermostat with a new one. This will ensure that your engine does not get too hot and will help prevent burns from occurring on the seal of your transmission fluid oil pan.

Can i drive with transmission fluid temperature light on?

Here, you will get to know the safety of driving while this transmission fluid temperature light is dignifying a danger. Having the knowledge about this will really help you to avoid accident and any faulty in your vehicle.

Actually in this case, it will actually be a disastrous situation for your vehicle especially when it crosses up to the 270 degrees centigrade. So the fluid will completely break down at the time around and also the transmission can stop working.

Now, to answer the question above, if you keep driving with this very temperature light signal on can lead to accident. So it is not safe for you to give driving while the light is still on as it is very dangerous.

Also the reason is that, if such happen and you keep driving, the car can possibly breakdown on the road while driving. And that is the reason why you need to stop the vehicle and make necessary correction.

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Symptoms of a bad transmission fluid

Here is about the faulty transmission signs and symptoms that the can always exhibit as a sign of warning concerning any danger in transmission. So you need to be aware of such symptoms in your vehicle.

So the information that I will give you will make you get notice of when the transmission engine is bad. The following lists are the signs and symptoms that you need to know concerning the bad sensor of transmission fluid;

  1. Strange noises or even grinding coming from the transmission,
  2. You experience problems shifting gears,
  3. You experience some slippage when shifting gears,
  4. Unexplained surging of you vehicle, and
  5. Delay in movement after placing the vehicle in gear.

Now the above information is what you need to know about the signs and symptoms of a bad transmission system of your vehicle. So you should always take note of those signs and make use of it wisely.

How much does it cost to fix transmission

Actually there is need to know the amount that it will cost you to fix the transmission fluid temperature light so as to prepare for it. So below is the estimated cost of making the repair done in your vehicle.

About the cost, speaking in a general term it is easy to just replace the entire transmission system of the vehicle. Actually most replacement of it can cost up to $58 and $120 including the labor fee.

To conclude, base on the description of the temperature light and its important, it is good to have it on your vehicle. You need to know the cost of fixing it on your vehicle and surely good to have it on your vehicle thanks.


The transmission fluid temp light is a warning light. It tells the driver if the transmission has overheated or not. The light turns on when the engine runs for a while so after driving for a while, you will know if the light is on or not.

The transmission fluid temp light shows up when there is an issue with your car’s transmission system. The temperature of the transmission fluid is measured and it sends signals to this indicator in order to tell you if there is an issue with your car.

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