Antifreeze Leaking Under Car Passenger Side Why and How to Fix

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Antifreeze is commonly used in cars as a coolant to help protect against the effects of heat. However, it is not uncommon for antifreeze to leak under the passenger side of a vehicle. Antifreeze can leak from anywhere on the car or truck, but typically it will leak from the radiator, where it is located … Read more

Why is My car Overheating With a New Thermostat

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If you are still wondering why your car is still overheating with a new thermostat, a lot of other things including a faulty water pump, worn belt could cause it. Apart from the fact that if your car is loosing coolant or antifreeze some other faulty components could be another reason why your car is … Read more

5 Bad water Pump Symptoms & Signs You Should Know

bad water pump symptoms

Overheating of the engine one among bad water pump symptoms you should lookout for. Water a is a component of the cooling system that ensures the flow of coolant through the engine block. The water pump keeps the coolant flowing with the aid of force generated from the crankshaft pully. The serpentine or auxiliary belt … Read more

What are 10 Common Causes of Overheating

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What are 10 Common Causes of Overheating? If you notice that your car is overheating, the first thing you need to do is stop the engine. If it’s not too late, then turn off the air conditioner and turn on the fan. If your car has no air conditioning, then open the windows and doors … Read more

6 Common Bad Radiator Symptoms You Most Know

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Bad radiator symptoms you should look out includes overheating coolant loose and more. The radiator is a component of the cooling system that transfers heat from coolant to outside. The Radiator houses valves and passage ways through which coolants flow. These action of the radiator thereby helps to regulate the engine’s temperature and preventing it … Read more

4 Common Signs of a Bad Radiator

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signs of a bad radiator are almost similar to blown head gasket signs. The radiator is the part of the cooling system that ensures the passage, and cooling of coolants when it hot. If for any reason the radiator stops working or stops doing its work as expected then overheating of the engine will start. … Read more

3 Common Signs You Need a Coolant Flush

signs you need a coolant flush

In general sense overheating is part of signs you need a coolant flush. But there are more other factors that makes your car overheat. The engine’s cooling system is equipped with the ability to regulate temperature of the car and keep it moving. Coolant is the fluid that runs through the cooling system to ensure … Read more