Can a Dirty Air Filter Make You Sick 4 Things To Know

Can a dirty air filter make you sick

Can a dirty air filter make you sick? A dirty air filter can cause not just simple health implications but can cause even more. The job of and air filter just like the name implies is to remove and filter all form of dirties from the air we breath.

Just imagine yourself staying in a dusty room inhaling all forms of dust in the air. What do you think could happen to you if stay in such room for prolong period of time.

Expect the same health implications when you fail to change the air filter in your house when it is dirty. A dirty air filter can cause you a range of serious health implications including cough, continues sneezing, headache and even flue.

Signs and symptoms your air condition is making you sick

If you are feeling sick, here Signs You Need to Change Your Home Air Filter. Continue reading to find out more about air condition.

  • Unusual headaches and dizziness

Sick building syndrome is a state in which an individual feels sick precisely feels headaches but medical tests shows that they are fine. This kind of sickness or illness is said to be common among people who work long hours in under air condition.

The illness is characterized by unusual headaches and feeling of dizziness almost all the time. A person suffering from sick building syndrome is also said to experience un explainable weakness and fatigue.

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If you experience this form of illness and you have not been tested positive of any form of sickness then you should consider checking your air filter. You are might be dirty and sending in a bad air that is making you feel sick.

Another way to avoid or treat Sick building syndrome caused by a dirty house filter apart from replace it which is the best option is to walk out of the building from time to time. If you cannot replace the air condition filter immediately you should try as much as possible to walk outside from time to take fresh air and get warm.

  • Skin dryness

This case of skin dryness is as a result of the bodies defense mechanism reacting and trying to protect the body. In normal circumstances, the arteries leading to the skin constrict when the is much cold.

This is to help keep the body warm and in turn helps the body from loosing too much heat. The downside of the action of the arteries is that it lowers the flow of white blood cells to the skin thereby reducing the ability to resist germs.

The solution to avoid this health condition is to consult a professional for check ups. If you cannot afford to consult a professional, then you can consider installing a humidifier.

  • Unusual cold

In normal instances air conditioner does not cause common cold but a dirty air filter can. A dirty air filter in a air condition can lead to some conditions that will bring about common cold.

Since the air filter is already dirty, it is easier for it to absorb diseases. A dirty air filter can easily absorb and spread air born diseases that can easily spread.

Disease that are said to spread through the air gets to multiply easily under cold conditions. other signs of air condition sickness among others includes high blood pressure, score throat, asthma and difficulty in breathing.

How to Tell When your air filter is dirty

You don’t always need a consultant to tell you when your air filter is dirty or needs replacing. You can easily check the air filter in your house for dirty or replacement all by your self.

Below are signs and symptoms of a bad air filter and how a dirty air filter can make you sick. Follow the guides below to check if your house air filter is dirty or not.

  • A dirty looking air filter

By mere looking you can tell when a air filter is dirty or not. The colour of a new air filter is either white or off-white colour any colour outside this is as a result of dirt.

The moments dirt starts to accumulate in the filter the colour would start changing from the original clean colour. In some cases, the outside of the air filter might look clean and okay but on the inside, it might be dirty.

The only best thing to do in this case is to replace the filter to avoid causing any more damages. You don’t actually need a professional to tell you this neither do you need a technician to replace air filter.

  • Prolong use without replacement

Overused and overdue everything needs replacement or changing at some point. The same applies to replacing or cleaning your home air filters.

In normal conditions you are supposed to change your air conditioner’s air filter at the beginning of a cold seasons. Could seasons are mostly characterized as dusty and windy in some parts of the world the will make your air filter dirty faster.

Air filter are mean to be after 2 to 3 months during cold seasons as well. If you haven’t changed the filter in some time and you start to notice dust accumulating on the filter itself, it’s definitely time to change or clean it.

  • Contaminated indoor Air

Instead of purify the air and delivering an qualitative indoor air, a dirty air filter does the opposite. A dirty air filter, single handedly contaminates the air in the the house.

Contaminated air can cause a lot of health conditions like headaches, fatigue, tightness in your chest. A bad filter can go as far as causing a mess of cold symptoms you may not be able to shake.

Haven seen all these signs of a dirty air filter, this alone should answer your question can a dirty air filter make you sick. The answer is yes a dirty air filter is bad and can make you very sick, if you have any questions please as using the comment box.

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