Signs You Need to Change Your Home Air Filter

signs you need to change your home air filter

A misfiring engine could be one among the signs you need to change your air filter. Like you and me, your car need air coming through the air filter to breath and complete the combustion process.

The air filter a specialized air filtration component that does the job of hindering dust from entering the engine. In the engine, air filter prevents not only dust, but particles, insects, sand particles and debris from entering the engine. In this article, we will address the question what are the signs you need to change your car air filter.

5 common signs you need to change your car’s air filter


Every body wants a well performing engine and car at least if not for the comfort but at least for the reliability. A faulty can be very disappointing, especially on days you least expect the slightest disappointment.

Well, like i use to say, a stich on time saves nine. Changing of air filter can sound simple but if nor done on time can cause a lot of premium issues to your car.

A misfiring engine is just one among many other signs that your need to replace your car air filter, there is more to it. Here are the common signs you need to change your cars air filter.

  • Misfiring engine

This is just like when you get chocked and your airway is finding it had take in enough fresh air as needed. Your car’s engine will start misfiring when it is experiencing less air supply or when there is dirt in the air filter.

Delivering a contaminated air filled with dirt will in turn bring about unburnt fuel exiting the engine in the form of soot residue. The soot that was supposed be burnt as fuel will accumulate on the spark plug stopping the spark plug from burning the air and fuel mixture.

When the spark plug does not work properly the way it suppose to then the engine will not be receiving enough boost as expected. If the accumulates too many soot then you will experience misfires, rough jerks and difficulty in starting.

  • Reduced horsepower

Reduced accelerating force is another sign of a blocked or dirty air filter in your car. A blocked air filter can reduced your car’s horsepower by 11% and even cause unusual jerks.

If you notice reduce in acceleration or reduce in horsepower then you should take a look at your air filter and replace it. Replacing the air filter should improve the engine’s performance but if it doesn’t then you should consider replacing cleaning the spark plugs.

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The most common reasons why you might experience a reduce in horsepower in your car, is because of either a dirty air filter or your spark plugs are been covered by soot. If you have checked for all this signs and your car does not increase horsepower then visit professional for further check.

  • Black sooty smoke or flames exiting the exhaust

Normally during the combustion cycle, all fuel is supposed to be burnt in the combustion chamber. If the opposite happens and the fuel in the combustion chamber is not completely burnt, the remains will escape through the exhaust pipe.

At this point if the exhaust pipe starts bringing out black soot then your car might be in danger of 3 things. A sooty spark plug and a dirty air filter.

Unburnt fuel in the combustion chamber can also cause your car to be making unusual popping sounds. You could also experience flames at the tail end of your car’s exhaust, this happens when the unburnt fuel meets with the heat in the combustion chamber.

If you notice any of this things, they are signs you need to change your air filter before it cause more harm than needed. Consulting a professional mechanic as soon as possible should be your next cause of action.

  • Unusual smelling of gas at ignition point

A dirty air filter can case a lot more than just a sooty spark plug, reduced horsepower and a misfiring engine. An unusual smelling of gas emitting from the car when starting the car is another sign you need to change your air filter.

When the engine is not receiving enough oxygen so as to be able to burn the fuel completely, then it will find another way to release it. The only means available means to exit the unburnt fuel is through the exhaust pip.

So whenever you smell gasoline or fuel smelling when your are starting the car then you can inspect the air filter. If the air filter is dirty then you should consider replacing it and you can further check your spark plugs for soot too.

What happens when you keeping driving a car with dirty air filter

Replacing a dirty or bad air filter in your car might not seem to be very important but trust me there you would not like the out come. I am very sure every once wants to drive home from work fine and back to work without having issues.

Well the least of the worst experience you will encounter is difficulty in starting your car. Remember like i have said before a dirty air filter causes your engine not to completely burn fuel in the combustion chamber.

When fuel is not completely burnt in the combustion chamber then it could lead to accumulation of soot on the spark plugs. If much soot accumulates on the spark plugs then you can start experiencing difficulty in starting your car.


That is just one reason why you need to change your car air filter. Another reason is unpleasant smell of fuel and reduced acceleration. This happens as a result of short in oxygen intake through the filter.

A dirty car air filter can even make you sick if not checked in time. The air filter keeps the air in your car clean and even the air from the cabin as well as that of the engine.

Prevention of Dirt, grime, bugs and dust from getting sucked into your car’s systems is kept at bay through the work of filters. If you would not change your car air filter for the sake of your car then the health implication should make you change. Endeavor to lookout for the mentioned signs you need to change your cars air filter.

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