Dodge Durango Warning Light Symbols

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If you own a Dodge Durango, it is important to know Dodge Durango warning light symbols as this will save you from always consulting a mechanic. Generally, Dodge cars models are equipped with so many dashboard lights that an average driver might not be able to memorize.

Dodge dash light are categorized based on colour which symbolizes priority. The lights includes red, yellow and white light which means warning, malfunctions and accessories indicator respectively.

Well good news, our expects here on have come together to put a simple comprehensive not together to help you remember them anytime. In this article, you will learn all of the Dodge Durango dashboard warning lights and there meaning.

50 Common dodge dash warning lights


Below is a clustered list of all warning lights present in all Dodge vehicle models. These list is not based on light colour indication.

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However, each light has a little bit of description as to explain what it means and what to do when you see it com on.

  • Adaptive cruise control indicators
  • More adaptive cruise control indicators
  • Low washer fluid indicator
  • Fog lamp indicator
  • Cruise control and fault indicators
  • Park lamps on indicator
  • Turn signal indicator
  • High beam indicator
  • Cruise control indicator
  • Lane sense indicators
  • Forward collision alert indicators
  • All wheel drive fault indicator
  • Speed warning indicator
  • ECO mode indicator
  • Valet mode indicator
  • Drive mode indicators
  • Sport mode indicators
  • Start stop system and trouble indicators
  • Tow mode and system indicators
  • Anti-lock brake system fault indicator
  • Tire pressure monitor indicator
  • Stability control off indicator
  • Stability control indicator
  • Low fuel indicator
  • Loose gas cap indicator
  • Check engine light
  • Electronic throttle control indicator
  • Door or trunk ajar indicators
  • Security indicator

Common Orange Light on Dashboard

Air bag warning indicator

Air bad is a balloon like, safe device located mostly towards the front of the vehicle. The primary function of the air bag to protect the driver and the passenger, from hitting there head or chest against a hard surface of an accident occurs.

Airbag system consist of the airbag sensor and the module which acts like computer for the system. If the air bag system is not working well, the warning light would come up.

Dodge Durango Seat belt reminder

These are Seat Belt Reminder Indicator symbols. Either may appear in the center of the reminder light for the driver or to the right as a passenger reminder.

The second version, showing two belted occupants, indicates either the driver or passenger is unbuckled. Regardless, the indicators simply want you to put on your seat belt sometime this light is represented by orange light on dashboard.

If the illuminated and the vehicle is moving, it is likely to be flashing. The first light can then take on the appearance of a man riding a horse and has been described this way!

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Transmission oil temperature indicator

Propel levels and temperature of transmission oil, also called transmission fluid, are vital to your car’s transmission working properly. This indicator light is warning you that the transmission fluid’s temperature too high, which can lead to transmission failure.

The transmission oil temperature indicator light, only comes up when the temperature is above the required level. If you notice this while driving, do and park and allow it to cool down before you continue your journey.

Dodge Durango Engine temperature indicator

Vehicles engine temperature are regulated by coolants in the Colling system. If the coolants or cooling system is faulty, the engine would most like start overheating immediately.

The engine temperature indicator is the there to tell what the exact temperature if the engine is. This particular light is in place to keep in the check and communicate to the driver when the engines temperature is high. This light is indicated by orange light on dashboard while in other cars as a red light on dashboard.

Oil warning lights

The oil warning light does not directly mean there is a problem with the engine or any part of the car. This light comes on as result of the distance you have traveled from the last time you had oil change.

Generally, you are expected to observe oil change after every 50,000 miles of travel. So after after every 50,000 miles the check oil light would come up.

If engine oil gets worn-out are not changed in time, there is a high possibility that the internal components would start wearing and tearing off. Endeavour to keep up the routine of oil change as this will help to keep your engine good shape.

Dodge Durango Brake trouble indicators

This is associated with problems or a malfunctioning car brake system in a Dodge Durango. So, if you are sure the hand brake, or emergency, brake is released, bring your vehicle to a stop as soon as possible and contact your dealer.

To continue driving could well be dangerous. If the light come on and you no option to get to and auto repair shop, you can call for 911 help or drive as slow as possible to avoid risking your life and that of other on the road.

Charging system trouble indicator

The charging system trouble is a indicated by a battery sign with “plus” and “minus” sign. This system is also called the check battery warning light in other car makes like Toyota.

However, they all mean the same thing, if the light comes on when the engine is running, it simply means there is a problem with the charging system. In most cases, it is usually localized to been a problem with either the alternator or a dead battery.

However, if you notice the warning light to be on while driving, try as much as possible to park to check and be sure of what the problem is. If the problem cannot be fixed right, drive to the nearest auto repair shop for the problem to be rectified.

This article covers all about orange light on dashboard, and Dodge Durango warning lights and symbols. If you have anymore questions please ask us using the comment section we will be glad provide you with quick answers.

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