How to fix Toyota Rav4 Check Engine Light VSC & 4WD on (Venza)

toyota rav4 check engine light vsc

Toyota rav4 check engine light VSC and 4wd on are one of the most common dashboard light problems faced by most Toyota models. In this article, you will learn what the VSC light means and how to fix your check engine VSC track off dashboard warning lights on.

Like any other electronics system in a vehicle, it can malfunction. We’ll go over how the VSC system works and what can cause it to malfunction below.

This article will specifically cover Toyota VSC light reset, VSC light Toyota rav4, Toyota Camry VSC light rese, how to reset VSC light on Toyota corolla, Toyota Sienna VSC light reset. Not to waste much time lets see what does VSC warning light mean and lets know if it is safe to drive with the VSC traction light on.

what is VSC warning light/check engine and 4WD


Vehicle stability control otherwise called VSC, is a stability versus traction control system found in most modern Toyota cars. The VSC system is resent in modern Lexus cars and some trucks happen to have this system too.

The primary function of this system is to stabilize your car if it slides in harsh climatic conditions. Whenever the VSC system realizes that the car is losing traction or driving down a stippy road, the system will reduce engine power for certain wheels to correct your vehicle.

How to reset Toyota RAV4 Check engine light

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  1. Let it go off by itself.
  2. Turn your ignition on and off several times in a row.
  3. Disconnect your battery and reconnect it.
  4. Buy an OBD II scanner (they’re relatively inexpensive) and follow the instructions (it’s pretty easy)

Toyota VSC light reset

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  1. Stop your engine and park the car in a safe spot.
  2. Press and hold the Vsc button for a couple of seconds.
  3. You will notice the TRAC OFF and VSC OFF indicator lights come on. This means that both systems are now turned off.

What it mean when the VSC light is on

The VSC light, check engine and 4WD drive are inter-related in a Toyota RAV4 and Toyota sienna. So if the traction system is affected at some point, the check engine light  also known as malfunction indicator and 4WD warning light might come up as well.

This system is designed to prevent skidding when driving in poor conditions, such as mud, snow, rain, oily intersection, or anywhere else that traction could be compromised. If this system is not not working driving through a stippy road can be very dangerous.

Now that we have learnt what the VSC warning light means, lets see how go about Toyota VSC light reset.

How to fix VSC light on a Toyota Camry?

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If the VSC light on, in a Toyota car generally, it indicates that the traction control system i not working properly. This can be caused by various range of reasons ranging from a simple loose gas cap, to a serious problem in the engine.

Whatever the case maybe, before you start rushing to an auto repair shop you should try this DIY method. This methods is simple and completely cost free and works for Toyota Camry, Toyota corolla, Toyota sienna and Toyota Highlander if the problem is just an error from the system.

  • Park your car on a flat surface.
  • Switch off the ignition keys and remove it.
  • Press and hold the traction OFF button and start the car again while holding the button.
  • This will immediately turn off the check engine light also called malfunction indicator  and the VSC light.
  • Now you have to release the traction OFF button.

This method is very effective but if the VSC and traction OFF light is still on then turn the car off again and release it should now go off. This method will not work if the problem is not a simple error from the VSC system. Try the next method for an advance Toyota VSC light reset.

 Causes check engine light and VSC light on Toyota 4RAV?

The check engine light comes on basically when the engine is experiencing some performance issues. This typically happens when the traction or stability control system is faulty, as a result the CEL will also come up.

However, it is likely that “traction Control” will not work while the check engine light is illuminated. Most Toyota owners will find that when the Check Engine and VSC lights are lit, there is a problem with an O2 Sensor or gas cap.

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is it safe to drive with the VSC traction light on

To some extent you can drive with the the VSC traction light on but it is extremely dangerous especially when driving down a stippy road. The vehicle stability control system performs the function of preventing your vehicle from sliding around the road.

The VSC light can turn on if the computer controlling the system fails in some way or the ABS brake system is not functioning properly. However, in certain situations, you may want to turn VSC off, which is why your Toyota vehicle includes a button with that function.

How to reset VSC light on a Toyota Highlander

If you have tried other method and it not working simple procedure is best way to fix SVC check engine traction off problem so stay tuned. This method is called the zero point calibration.

This will work forget the what the might told you from the dealership regardless. Unfortunately, most auto scanners don’t have the ability to do this.

Guess what, it is a very cheap easy way to perform fix the SVC check engine and traction off problem. You do not even need an auto scanner so let’s get started the first thing you have to do is make sure the vehicle is on a level. surface this is very important.

  • Disconnect both the positive and negative battery cables
  • Keep the terminals disconnected for about five minutes
  • After these five minutes reconnect both battery cables
  • Locate the OBD which is your onboard diagnostic connection port
  • It Is usually located on the driver, side somewhere underneath your dashboard
  • Next you’ll have to find out which terminal connection is the CG (that is, Charlie Gorge and which terminal connection is the TS that is Tom Sam)
  • Using a repair manual for your specific vehicle
  • Get two small paper clips (do not use large paper clips they will not fit into the terminals)
  • Next straighten the two paper clips
  • Now take one of the paper clips and slip one end into the CG terminal with the other end of the paper clip not touching anything
  • Take the second paper clip and slip the other end into the TS terminal with the other end of the paper clip not touching anything
    now take the two paper clips and Bend one on the end to the right and the other on the end to the left coming up
  • Now connect and disconnect them four times or more within eight seconds
  • Now make sure that your front wheels are lined up straight and
  • Make sure your steering wheel is completely centered
  • Now insert the ignition key and turn it all the way to the on position without starting the engine
  • Make sure the shift lever is in park if you have an automatic transmission
  • If you have a manual transmission just make sure the parking brake is applied
  • Make sure as you perform these next steps that you don’t shake till vibrate or move the vehicle in any way against your ignition
  • Insert the key is all the way in the on position
  • Without starting the engine there’s one two three four five six touches of the paper clips
  • Then the ABS light flashing
  • The VSC light will start flashing as well
  • Notice how they’re flashing slow and not flashing together the manner in which
  • This means the calibration data has now been cleared
  • Now turn the ignition key off now it’s ready to be recalibrated
  • Hold the two paper clips together turn the ignition key to the on position
  • Without starting the engine and wait for the ABS and the VSC or slip light to start flashing
  • Now they’re both flashing
  • Notice how they’re flashing faster now and flashing together (again the manner in which your lights flash may be different)
  • Again, this means it’s now been recalibrated
  • Now turn the ignition key off and remove the two paper clips
  • Now turn the ignition key back to the on position and it’s been cleared
  • Now you’ll need to drive the vehicle as straight as possible at 25 miles per hour or faster for 10 seconds

That’s how you perform a zero point calibration. Your radio presets and the auto down function of the drivers window any back window or moon roof may be lost recalibrate your windows. This can be done by holding down the button a few seconds after it opens all the way and holding the button a few seconds after it closes all the way and that’s all.

I hope this helps you out in resetting your Toyota VSC warning light and also check engine light issues. If you still have any more questions you wish to as pleas use the comment section to ask us.


This article i have demonstrated how you can perform Vsc light and check engine light reset on a Toyota RAV4. Rav4 warning and check engine lights reset as demonstrated ins this article is simple and very straight forward as long as there are no other underlying factor as to why the light is on.

There are various models of the Toyota RAV4 but have in mind that the instruction provided works for most of the models as well. If you find the article helpful, please do no hesitate to share it using the share button below.

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