How to Reset Transmission Control Module Chevy

Knowing how to reset transmission control module Chevy module is worth giving a trial before replacing it. If you own a Chevk and you are about to replace your transmission module, this article will save you transmission replacement cost.

This is not the rumored process of disconnecting battery to reset TCM. Let me give you a leadup, disconnecting your battery will not do the work.

Due to many complains and request, our experts have finally brought a solution that will help improve your checvy’s transmission module efficiency. This process will give you a very surprising outcome as it as been tested and proven to working 100%.

5 Steps to Reset Transmission Control Module (Chevy)

It will work for many automatic transmissions, but certainly not all of them, so please do your research. So, to give your car the best chance of smoother gear changes, do this process exactly:

First steps

  • Take battery terminals off
  • Leave the Terminals off for 2 hours or more
  • Make sure the engine is totally cold off
  • Now start the vehicle with foot on brake
  • Move the gear stick between park and the lowest gear slowly
  • Repeat the above process 3 times
  • Drive around at the slowest speed possible for 5 minutes
  • Without pressing the brake decelerate until stop

Second step

  • Move the gear stick between park and the lowest gear slowly
  • Repeat the above process 3 times
  • Take the car on another 5 minute drive
  • This time not exceeding 80km/h for 5 minutes
  • Again decelerate without braking, to a full stop

This has worked and ironed out jerky gear changes in auto transmissions for me before on many occasions. I hope it works for you too.

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Can you fix a transmission control module?

Yes you can fix a transmission control module but only and only if you have the technical know how. If you have have the basic knowledge do not attempt repairing the TCM, you might end doing more harm than good.

Another option is to repair your TCM. The transmission control module repair cost will in almost all cases be lower than replacing with a new module. On average, expect to pay around $300 to repair your transmission control module.

How do I reprogram my ECM?

Electric control module (ECM) can be faulty sometimes be cause of some malfunctions in the engine. To reset the ECM, and OBD-II will be needed to get the job done the right way.

In order go about the resetting, ensure the OBD-II vehicle interface is properly connected. Switch the ignition to ON but do not yet start the engine. Choose Detect Vehicle.

from the Tools menu, then select Program Engine ECU when the window appears, and click OK. Select Program engine ECU to enter programming mode.

Where is the ECM relay located?

engine main fuse relay control box. The relay is located in the engine main fuse relay control box. The defective ECM-power relay is removed from the control box by pulling it straight up and out of socket. The new ECM-power relay is installed into the socket and the engine scanned for codes.

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