Reduced Engine Power Warning Light

If you are driving and the Reduced Engine Power Warning Light or reduced engine power light comes on, it is important to stop your vehicle as soon as possible. The light is there for your safety. If you ignore it, then you may end up causing an accident.

If the engine is not receiving enough fuel to function properly, the warning light will activate to let drivers know that they need to stop their vehicle immediately.

Causes of Reduced Engine Power Light

If this warning light comes on, it usually means one of the following things:

  • Your vehicle may be out of gas. The red warning light will come on when you are past a quarter tank of gas to remind you to refuel.
  • You may have forgotten to turn off your headlights or taillights before leaving your vehicle.
  • The engine may be laboring and require a tune-up or other repair.

If you think it may be due to running out of fuel, make sure the gas gauge is correct and fill up your tank as soon as possible. If you believe it is an issue with the engine, call the mechanic and schedule an appointment for an inspection and tune-up.

How do I fix reduced engine power Light?

As you know that your motor vehicle can get fault as any time because it is not reliable to use your vehicle for a very long time. So there is need to identify or learn how to fix this warning light sensor when faulty.

The following procedure will guide you on how you can fix the engine power warning light on your vehicle:

  • The first thing you should do is to unplug the connector.
  • You now check for any kind or corrosion or dirt in your vehicle.
  • Then you pull at the wires on the area of harness connector so as to check for the loose ones.
  • And lastly, check for the connections on the both ends of the wire in order to verify if its of good connections and its done.

The said reduced engine power warning light comes on as a result of the vehicle’s computer detect any fault in the system that give way for engine to run optimally. It include airflow sensors, the throttle sensors and the oxygen sensors.

So the above steps or procedures are those steps you should follow whenever you want to fix the warning on your vehicle. All you need to do is to carefully follow it step by steps as it is described above.

Symptoms of reduced engine power

Here is another information that is related to the warning light as reduced power engine which is also important to you. There is need for you to know the symptoms that your vehicle shows whenever the sensor of the engine power is faulty.

So it is very important to know the symptoms of the reduced engine power warning light so as to avoid any problem that may arise from it. As a result of that, the following are the signs of a faulty engine power:

  • First thing is an issue with the throttle actuator control system.
  • Also there may be problem with the throttle body in the vehicle.
  • An issue of one of the vehicle’s sensor is another sign.
  • And lastly, problem in the accelerator pedal assembly in the vehicle.

Base on the above information, it is clearly stated on the signs or symptoms that you should be expecting when the engine power is faulty. So you should take note of those signs and make use of it as possible when the problem arise.

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Reduced Engine Power Warning Light Explained

The first thing here is to have the knowledge about what the engine power reduced warning light is all about. From there you will get to know other information about it so as to get it done on your vehicle.

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The engine power reduced warning light which appear on the dashboard simply means that the vehicle performance has reduced in order to avoid engine damage. So it is important to make use of this warning light.

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Actually there is a computer in your car which is known as the electronic control unit (ECU). The ECU is one that will trigger the reduced power mode of the engine so that after it will has to detect the system failure in your vehicle.

Base on the description of this engine power light, as well as the important of this warning light, it is good to have it on your vehicle. You will get to know how you will be able to fix it on your vehicle in the information that follows.

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Is it safe to drive with reduced engine power light on?

Here, I will give you the information that you need to know concerning if it is safe for you to keep on driving with the warning light on. So get the information and make sure you use it exactly the way it is.

Most often about that, the problem may be minor as the case may be but in such a rare case, reduced power may cause more serious problems like a seized engine or electrical fire on your vehicle.

In that case, it is not safe for you to keep on driving while the signal or warning light shows. The safest measure is to have your reduced light inspected by someone that is certified and know it best and make it safe and ready for driving before moving further.

So you need end to take note of the above information because by not listening to instruction always cause many harm. You should simply do the way its Ben described so as to avoid accident of any kind.

How much to fix reduced engine power?

In conclusion, base on the description of this engine power light, as well as the important of this warning light, it is good to have it on your vehicle. You need to know the cost of fixing it on your vehicle.
So about the cost, speaking in a general term it is easy to just replace the entire throttle body altogether rather than each piece of it. Actually most replacement of it can cost up to $83 and $72 including the labor fee.


The reduced engine power warning light or reduced engine power light may be triggered because you’ve exceeded the maximum number of kilometers for your vehicle or, it could be because your car battery needs replacing. The engine’s power warning light indicates how much power the engine has to provide to the car and tells you if there is a problem with the engine starting process.

If you experience any problems with your vehicle’s fuel system or ignition system then this alert will remain on until those issues are fixed. To reset this warning light, you will need to remove the key from the ignition and wait about 30 seconds before restarting the car.

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