What Problems Can an Exhaust Leak Cause?

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What problems can an exhaust leak cause? A car exhaust is a pipe that releases the hot, toxic fumes from a car engine.

The exhaust pipe is connected to the engine’s combustion chamber and has a valve on it which opens at high RPMs and closes at low RPMs.

Exhausts are used in cars because they release the harmful gases from the engine in an efficient way and can reduce pollution.

Exhausts are made of metal pipes that have baffles inside them to prevent back-pressure, which would cause too much pressure and damage the car’s engine.

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Common problems that an exhaust leak can cause

Problems exhaust leak can cause does not just stop at the unpleasant noise and basic engine damages. A leaking car exhaust can actually dig deep into your pocket and cause more a thousand dollar problem.


  • A faulty MAF Sensor

A faulty is the next problem that could arise when you fail to fix a leaking exhaust. When the there is faulty MAF then the sensor will fail to monitor the real air inflow thee by leading to increased fuel consumption.

The increase in fuel consumption is not a good economic factor for you as a car owner but the worst part is it does not just stop at fuel consumption. This excessive air intake could lead to increase emission which will in turn trigger the check engine light.

Am sure no car driver feels happy to see the check engine light come up on the dash including i. Well this is just in a simple case scenario a leaking exhaust can cause a lot more problem if not taken cared of in time.

  • Failed Catalytic Converter

A failed catalyst converter costs a lot to fix, and this can as well trigger the check engine light. This might sound a little corny but it is how it is a fail catalyst can trigger engine check light.

These is because the catalyst converter it self will cause the engine check but when the catalyst converter fails it fails to do it job in the exhaust system then leads to other components failure. Now check engine light will be the next problem that will occur as a result of the catalyst failure.

More than likely it would have been a very inexpensive fix, comparatively. For this reason it is always important to have check engine light diagnostics ran as soon as the light comes on.

  • Exhaust Leak

Everything with a leaking exhaust tend to revolve around sensors and unusual fuel consumption. Exhaust leak if not taken cared of in time, can lead allowing excessive presence of oxygen in the exhaust gas fumes.

The presence of excessive oxygen in the exhaust fumes will then lead to the high requirement of fuel to burn the excessive oxygen. Now the excessive requirement of fuel to burn the oxygen will bring about the check engine light.

  • Loose Gas Cap

Perhaps one of the best scenarios you could hope for if your check engine light comes on is a gas cap you forgot to tighten. If fuel vapors are detected escaping up the filler hose by the EVAP system the light will come on. The simple fix is tightening the cap or replacing it if it is broken.

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Common signs of a bad Muffler problem

If your exhaust muffler is bad or is failing two things would happen which can later lead to other problems. A bad or failing muffler can lead to either unusual loud engine noise or unusual fuel consumption.

The unusual loud noise can easily be fixed by in a local exhaust repair shop and you can continue driving your car in peace. As for the unusual fuel consumption, it can lead to very expensive repairs if not taken cared of as soon as possible.

To avoid any of the premium Exhaust leak problems do a regular check or sound when when you start your car in the morning. Lookout for any of the below sings and symptoms of of bad muffler to avoid failing muffler issues

  • Unusual engine loud engine noise

This unusual engine noise is more evident in the morning or when acceleration fast on the high way. Yo could also hear the unusual loud noise when the engine cools off and you are starting the vehicle after a long time.

Once the muffler is failing it will definitely lead the engine producing louder whining sounds. It is advisable that whenever you notice your car making such loud noise do not hesitate to consult a professional mechanic.


What problems can an exhaust leak cause to you car

It is good to fix the muffler problem as quick as possible as it could lead to many other problems you are not prepared for. Remember that any form of problem in the exhaust or a leaking exhaust can lead to inefficient fuel consumption.

  • Increased fuel consumption

Increased fuel consumption has always being on top of the list problems or signs of exhaust leak or bad muffler problems. When anything in the exhaust system is not working properly then expect many other problems.

You don’t need a professional to run diagnostics exhaust test before you know that your vehicles fuel consumption has increased. Once you notice any spike in fuel consumption then you should just consult a professional for checks.

  • Condensation in the Exhaust Pipes

You know that the muffler can rust due to the build up of condensation in the muffler and in the exhaust system over time. Over time and through all the constant warming up and cooling down cycles, your muffler may start to leak exhaust gases and if you notice excessive condensation leaking from your exhaust pipe, especially during warmer periods of the day, this can be a sign of your muffler beginning to wear out.

  • Bad Smells

Your muffler will work to take exhaust fumes out and away from your vehicle, if there’s a leak or other type of issue, those fumes may be leaking into your car. Over time exhaust fumes can be fatal so it’s important that if you begin to smell any unusual smells, that you take your vehicle in as soon as possible.

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